May 22, 2024

Recovery in Hawaii, Zenobia Awards, and more! ~ #TuesdayNewsday 8/15/23

Here’s our #TuesdayNewsday recon at the strategy gaming headlines of the week


TN qt=q 95Among the many, many victims of the wildfires in Maui is a hobby game shop in Lahaina that was obliterated.  There’s a GoFundMe set up to assist the folks from Game Odyssey in recovering from the fire and (we hope) eventually being able to re-open the store.

This was a locally-owned store that wasn’t run for the benefit of the tourists, but for the locals there in Maui, so they could definitely use some help to get back on their feet in recovering from this tragedy.



The next iteration of the Zenobia Awards are coming, with the contest opening 1 October 2023.

You can check out the previous winners here, and several of them have been slated for commercial publication, too.



The Fall Assembly is coming!

FA23 Forum Header

Registration & events are both live for the Armchair Dragoons Fall Assembly 2023!
We’ve got around 20 scheduled events, with plenty of empty table-space for pickup games in between.  We’d like to add another big event or two, but until we start filling up the existing ones, it’s not a priority.

The latest update?  A couple of designers are going to be joining us!  Hermann Luttmann is coming to town.  So is Bruce Maxwell.  And Keith Tracton is going to make the trek, too!  We’ll let you know if any others commit, as well.

Current Confirmed Game Sessions

  • NATO: The Cold War Goes Hot – learn with designer Bruce Maxwell
  • Learn to play Great Battles of the American Civil War
  • Playtest sessions of the upcoming Maneuver Warfare professional development / USMC card game
  • All-day Saturday game of It Never Snows, split into two 5-hour sessions. You don’t need to play in both, but are welcome to if you’d like
  • Triumph & Tragedy, with one session each day over the weekend
  • Bayonets & Tomahawks, with one session each day over the weekend
  • Littoral Commander, the USMC training-game-turned-hobby-game
  • Brief Border Wars for some conflicts you’ve never heard of
  • Gunfight Royale for a Wild West shootout

and more coming!

Convention Details

  • Badges are $40 for the weekend, which include some munchies, custom Armchair Dragoons swag, and whatever other prizes or giveaways we’re able to gather before the event.
  • Attendance is capped on this one because of the limited floorspace we’ve got inside the store and we want to make sure every player gets plenty of time on the tables.
  • Gamer’s Armory is planning to open early on Sunday just for us, so we can get an additional game session or two in, before the general public gets in the doors.
  • As noted on the convention site, we do not have a hotel attached to the facility.  You can find local hotels here.  We’re looking into a potential block deal with some local hotels, but with the State Fair in town it’s tough.
  • As a reminder, Regimental Patron-level Patreon supporters get a free badge for all Armchair Dragoons-hosted events.



Games released in the past week that you’ll want to check outTN montage 8 15 23



Crowdfunding, p500, pledge programs, whatevs yo! ~ if you can order it now & get it later, here it is



Here to help you save a few bucks, or, y’know… spend more than you were planning if it wasn’t for a good deal



There’s always something going on with The Dragoons, so we’ve always got plenty to tell you about!

Don’t forget we are co-sponsoring a research project with Beyond Solitaire about your favorite solo wargames, and we’ve got over 150 participants so far.

Beyond Research Splash



Don’t forget to check our consolidated event & convention calendar for more!
You can also submit your own events for our calendar here.


Our fellow content creators from the wargaming world




Various news & notes from the business end of the gaming world



Hey, we’d LOVE to have some more action in the dedicated area of our forums for the wargame practitioners.



Something neat from outside the wargaming world we thought was worth sharing



That’s all for this week!
Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.

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  3. this one dovetails nicely with our podcast episode last season talking about tabletop AI

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  1. Hm – late October probably is too soon for Brief Border Wars Volume 2 to make an appearance!
    And yes, Bruinbear did my Bulge game Winter Thunder.
    Haven’t tried it myself because my computer is so old Steam decided it won’t run on it anymore.

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