July 15, 2024

The Big Headline That We’re Not Going Too Deep Into – #TuesdayNewsday 3/1/22

Every week, #TuesdayNewsday takes you around the strategy gaming world with the headlines and on occasion, including those from the real world


So yeah, there’s a shooting war going on.  And there’ve been wargames that were looking ahead to this conflict, with varying degrees of success in their prognostications.  And there will be wargames after the fact trying to piece together what happened and how & why.
As wargamers, there’s always going to be a certain detached curiosity we bring to the table when exploring conflict topics like this.  But as we consider the wargaming models of a very real and very current conflict, let’s never forget the human toll of the war, and to always be mindful of those innocents caught in it.  Say an extra prayer for them.

And as a side note, anyone trying to drop political screeds, diatribes, or manifestos will have those comments sandblasted from the wall.
We’re not here to have a debate about this; we’re just acknowledging reality



  • MMP claims that Yanks! is now shipping.  Gary should get his in August1
  • It might’ve snuck out past us, but Legion Wargames are now shipping Hill of Doves for all your solitaire Boer War goodness
  • We normally don’t talk about .STL files because only so many of y’all have 3D printers.  But Steve Jackson just released a big bundle of enemies for The Fantasy Trip in .STL format
  • Steve Jackson also released a GURPS expansion2 about Social Engineering for all your social interaction needs, for any sort of genre, whether a medieval-fantasy noble court, or a 21st century spy.
  • The latest GMT monthly update included mention of a downloadable print-&-play version of the Stuka Joe CDG solo system
  • Warlord Games has some new “start collecting” bundles for Blood Red Skies: there’s a US one and a Japanese one
  • Catalyst are now shipping new Battletech “blind boxes” with fully-assembled mechs in the boxes, with both Mechwarrior and Alpha Strike cards in them.  They’re random, but all equal rarity, across the 90-odd different models.





TN-CR banner2







Planning continues for Connections Online, being held from 18-24 April 2022, with the Core Events being held 19-21 April from 10am-4pm EST.  As the Armchair Dragoons are the co-sponsors of this event, you’ll get regular updates each week in Tuesday Newsday between now and launch.

  • Core events are largely set, but exact times are being confirmed.  They’ll include
    • Recent Innovations in Wargaming
    • How Wargamers Get Hired
    • Designing a Professional Wargame
    • Methodologies for Designing Cyber Wargames
    • Wargaming Outside the NatSec World
  • Extended events will occur across all 7 days, at a variety of hours that do not conflict with the Core Events.  Current planning includes, but is certainly not limited to
    • Moderated panel, and a seminar game for the 40th anniversary of the Falkland Islands War
    • NSDM Game Design Workshop, where participants will actually design the broad-strokes mechanics of a wargame
    • Pol-Mil Wargaming, with Jason Matthews
    • Orientation to Wargaming, for New/Aspiring Wargamers
    • Wargaming History with High School Students
    • Wargame Bootcamp (multiple sessions) for VASSAL / TTS usage
  • Registration will go live in March
  • All Core Events will be streamed through YouTube, but using unlisted URLs, which will limit live interaction to registered attendees.  After Connections is over, streams will be made public.  Some – but not all – Extended Events will be streamed.
  • If you are interested in volunteering with Connections Online, please drop a note in our forums or contact us at armchairdragoonsevents – at – gmail – dot – .com












Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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  1. j/k – he’s already got one
  2. both PDF and print!

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