May 18, 2024

Pre-Orders and Pre-Registrations – #TuesdayNewsday 10/4/22

Every week, #TuesdayNewsday is here to keep you abreast of what matters in the strategy gaming world


There’s a bunch of pre-orders this week that we’ve been watching/tracking and waiting for them to finally launch, so scroll down for links to Captaincy, and Iron Thunder, and Heroscape and see what’s up



Registration is open for the Connections Online Showcase

October 19th will be a one-day, all-day Connections Online project showcase for professional/practitioner game design.  Each presentation will run 90-120 minutes and focus on a single use case of a game designed or adapted to professional military/natsec usage, including deep dives into the objectives/purposes, designs, mechanics, execution, and lessons learned from both the prep and conduct of the games.


  • This event is currently projected to run over 12 hours, as it’ll all be single-threaded (ie, no sessions overlapping with each other)
  • Registration is open!
  • Sessions will be broadcast through YouTube live for registered participants to interact with the presenters
  • Sessions will be made public for viewing after the completion of the showcase and an editorial review by the staff
Confirmed Presentations

  • Brian Train’s urban Kriegspiel for the 40th ID Urban Warfare Planners’ Course
  • GUWS member Matt Kirchman on A Splendid Failure (Reconstruction in post-ACW US)
  • GUWS member Andrew Olson on the Competition AI wargame design
  • SAMS Student Dan Warner on Decisive Operations and incorporating that into the curriculum there
  • SAMS instructor Eric Price on integrating ROOT into professional military curricula
  • UKFC’s Take That Hill

There are more presenters planned, but not yet hard-&-fast ‘confirmed’ so stay tuned!



TN-AGV-GameComponents 77709
Components from A Greater Victory, from Revolution Games





Alternia the Witch












We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • In what might be the biggest 4x news of the year so far, publisher Stardock and developer Ironclad announced that Sins of a Solar Empire II is in development.  (You can watch the trailer here.)  Coming a good fourteen years after the first game was released, the long-awaited sequel will be entering Early Access as an Epic Games exclusive October 27.
  • After ten months in Steam Early Access, Silver Lemur Games has released Stellar Monarch 2.  A sequel to the first Stellar Monarch title (which released back in 2016), the new game features  better macro-management tools, revamped combat and logistics systems, a more genuine feudal system (where you as the Emperor/Empress must deal with other nobles, great houses, etc.), and more.
  • In contrast/comparison, we have Terra Invicta, a 4x/grand-strategy game that has just entered Steam Early Access — and one that is already making a bit of a splash.  (Watch the trailer here.)  Coming from developer Pavonis Interactive and rising indie publisher Hooded Horse, Terra Invicta tasks the player with somehow uniting the disparate factions of Earth, explore & expand across the Sol System, and ultimately defeat a hostile alien invasion.
  • Paradox has released the Toxoids species pack for Stellaris (watch the trailer here).  Also dropping alongside the DLC is the free 3.5 “Fornax” update, which includes new customizable difficulty settings, new story content, and a major rebalance to Relics, to name but a few changes & improvements.
  • Also released by Paradox is By Blood Alone (watch the trailer here), the newest expansion for Hearts of Iron IV, with the accompanying free 1.12.1 “Avalanche” update dropping alongside it.  However, it appears the community’s reception is (at best) mixed so far, with the reworked peace conference system and the new plane-designer feature receiving particularly heavy criticism.
  • In an announcement that appears to have caught nearly everyone by surprise, developer League of Geeks announced they’re working on a remake to Solium Infernum, the political grand-strategy game where the player must employ Machiavellian tactics on their way to becoming the new ruler of Hell.  (Watch the trailer for the remake here.)  The new version of the game is set to release onto Steam in 2023.
  • Another piece of news that came as a bit of a surprise to some — albeit for different reasons — was Battlegoat’s announcement that Supreme Ruler 2030 was in development.  (You can watch the announcement here.)  Not only that, the game is apparently on track to still come out by the end of this year (though it’s not yet clear if this will be as a full release or an Early Access title).  Given that Battlegoat’s most recent project, Galactic Ruler, was released only two months ago (and has received only two small patches so far), there appears to be a perception among some in the community that the game is already being abandoned in favor of the new Supreme Ruler title.
  • Stardock put out a small patch (v3.01) for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, their continually underrated fantasy 4x title.  The only thing the patch does is fix a bug that was adversely affecting AI players’ abilities to summon creatures, but it’s nice to see a company still supporting a game they released nine years ago (even when that game probably isn’t making them much money at this point).





Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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