May 24, 2024

The Summer of Sales – #TuesdayNewsday 6/28/22

Each week, #TuesdayNewsday gives you a quick whiparound of the strategy gaming headlines


It’s the season of Summer Sales!  Steam is the big one, but Humble Bundle, Noble Knight, Wargame Design Studio, Free League, Matrix, and others all have sales going on right now.  Some have been announced in previous Newsdays, and others are dropping for the first time here, but it’s a chance to spend like a drunken sailor save a lot of money on your gaming addiction.

Just pop into our forums and let us know what deals you found!



TN-ArmyMuster NapoleonicRussianLineInfantry1812-181501
Russians ~ 1814-1815, from Warlord Games



TN-TankDuelPack2 ExampleCard
image from GMT Games












We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

    • The final major update has dropped for Slipways, the “light” space grand-strategy game from developer Beetlewing.  This update brings to fruition the developer’s original vision for the game, adding new missions for the final campaign and modding support, along with several other features & improvements.  In addition, Slipways is currently available at a 30% discount across all platforms.
    • Reverie World Studios released the 1.9 update for Kingdom Wars 4, the most recent entry in their historical grand-strategy/RTS series.  This newest update focuses on reworking the game’s diplomacy, as well as rebalancing stats and starting conditions for both North African and Slavic nations.  Moreover, the game is part of Steam’s big summer sale, at a hefty 60% off.
    • Praxis Games announced the release of the 1.4.3 update for Interstellar Space: Genesis, their “old school done right” space 4x, this past week.  The patch adds some useful improvements to the UI/graphics, plus quite a few bug-fixes, both to the base game and the recently-released Evolving Empires expansion.  Interstellar Space: Genesis is similarly part of Steam’s summer sale at 67% off, as is its first expansion, Natural Law, at 50% off.
    • Also last week, developer Amplitude Studios put out a small hotfix patch for their historical 4x, Humankind.  The patch largely addresses some nagging gameplay issues in both the base game and the newly-released Cultures of Latin America DLCHumankind is likewise part of Steam’s summer sale at 33% off.



  • Decision Games are surveying the audience to ask what you’d like to see reprinted
  • LNLP updated several of their PDFs, including a low-ink print-friendly version of their core LNLT rulebook
  • SC:ACW doesn’t even release until the 30th, but Matrix Games already announced the first tournament for next month
  • released a new patch for Combat Mission Cold War v1.04 that includes the PBEM++ support for all your Harry Potter-inspired tournaments4
  • As noted in the most recent GMT newsletter – and our forums – Mystery Wizard has been pulled from their p500 list, which means they’ll have to find something else to slide in front of Le Grande Battles for C&C:N



Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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  4. Seriously guys, can’t you spell the name of your corporate partner correctly, even if they did rip it off from a kids’ book?

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