May 19, 2024

US Fight Club Open Tournament Invitation – #TuesdayNewsday 8/9/22

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Army University is hosting another Battle for Moscow tournament thru US Fight Club


The official verbiage:

You are invited to the U.S. Army Fight Club Battle for Moscow VASSAL Tournament. The event will be hosted by the Army University out of Fort Leavenworth Kansas. Please forward this announcement to anyone you feel may be interested.
This is a virtual event. You are welcome to participate from anywhere in the world.
The event will start 25 August 2022. The tournament will consist of multiple rounds, each round taking place over the span of six days. You will be expected to complete one game per week.

We will be playing Battle for Moscow (BfM) on VASSAL. VASSAL is free and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
We will use DISCORD for communications. Discord is free and runs on most modern computing devices.
These are all easy systems to use, so don’t let technology stop you from participating.
Technical instructions will be sent after you RSVP.

Please RSVP (individual player or team) no later than Monday 22 August.
RSVP to with:
Name / Email / Phone Number / Discord User ID
Send all questions and comments to the Directorate of Simulation Education(DSE) at

Don’t let the Russophiles win!1  Join the tournament today and put them in their place 🤠















We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • After two years of being in Early-Access, Galactic Ruler has been officially released (watch the announcement here).  Developed by Battlegoat Studios (creator of the long-running Supreme Ruler series), Galactic Ruler is fairly unique in being one of a very few space-strategy games where “on-map” planetary development and planetary combat is a major feature (ala Emperor of the Fading Suns).  It’s a fascinating concept, with the caveat that Battlegoats’ titles are often known for being particularly micromanagement-heavy.  This is almost certainly going to be an even greater challenge with Galactic Ruler, given its scale, so it will be interesting to see how the game develops now that it’s fully launched.
  • In perhaps the most interesting news of the week, Holistic Design, Inc. announced they’re currently beta-testing a 1.5 patch for Emperor of the Fading Suns.  No, that’s not a typo:  They’re actually working on an update for a cult classic space-strategy game that was released a good quarter-century ago.  (You would also be correct in guessing that the previous reference to EotFS was not a coincidence.)  Whether or not this portends further patches, or even a sequel — should we be so blessed — only time will tell.
  • KatHawk Studios has put out a huge dev blog covering the progress they made in July with Alliance of the Sacred Suns in conjunction with their beta-testers.  The short version is that all the gameplay systems are finally implemented, and the developers have begun focusing on polish, stability, etc., along with adding more Events.  They’re also getting ready for another round of beta-testing, with hints that this could be the final one.
  • Mohawk Games released Update #95 to Old World (read the patch notes here).  Along with the usual balance tweaks and bug-fixes, this patch changes Judge governors to allow rushing Projects and Specialists with Money, plus it makes some improvements to network MP stability.
  • Arcen Games released version 5.504 for AI War 2.  This patch largely focuses on addressing issues in multiplayer, although it includes some bug-fixes and balance tweaks to single player as well.
  • Silver Lemur Games has put out version 0.79 for Stellar Monarch 2, which continues its development in Steam Early Access.  In addition to numerous bug-fixes and addressing balance issues, this update focuses on finishing and fleshing out the combat mechanics.





Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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  1. after the last tournament, you can take that figuratively, or literally
  2. they don’t have time to stop for names

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