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Tuesday Newsday – 7 April 2020

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 7 April 2020

This week, we are kicking off #TuesdayNewsday – the new weekly Armchair Dragoons news dump.  We’re not trying to be all-encompassing, but we definitely want to highlight some gaming news that should pique your interest this week

A New Release This Week:

LNLP’s digital version of their WWII platoon-level game Nations At War is supposed to launch on Steam today.


A New Launch This Week:

  • Tales From The Loop board game on Kickstarter, which takes it’s inspiration from the same artist who inspired an RPG and a TV series.
  • In anti-launch news, MMP announced that VCS Kharkov isn’t likely to hit its preorder numbers, so they’re pulling it down.


New from the Dragoons:


News From The Wargame Industry:

  • Worthington Games announced that Philadelphia 1777 and Napoleon Returns have both cleared the proof stage and are heading to the press.  Shipping might be tweaked a bit thanks to COVID-19, but the games are proceeding.
  • CSL has a big sale going on with all of their titles
  • Compass Games has 2 big sales going on right now, with 33% discounts on a bunch of their favorites, and 40% off another batch of games, both through 17 April.
  • MMP is running a survey by the new editor of Special Ops, to get a sense of what fans would want out of the magazine.  If you’re not currently a fan or subscriber, now is a chance to let them know why not.
  • Flying Pig Games is now shipping OST volume III


Something From Our Partners:

As you’ve probably seen, we’re partnering up with other great wargaming sites out there to share our work with each other.  This week, we’re spotlighting our good buddy Moe over at Moe’s Game Table, with his Whiskey Charlie YouTube talk show and a bunch of those participants are part of this new extended family, too


Something Off The Wall:

You’re already locked in for the next few weeks, so if you need something to read when you’re not pushing counter around, dig up the original classic series of The Belgariad from David Eddings.  It’s a twovolume set of the classic 80s-era high fantasy that seems to have been forgotten with the recent massive epics like Game of Thrones and Wheel of Time.  The original five books from Eddings were a masterpiece of worldbuilding, with interesting subplots to keep each book moving along as the overarching quest continues, and several laugh-out-loud humorous scenes.  The sequel series (The Mallorean) is also excellent worldbuilding, but the plots aren’t quite as well-developed.

That’s all for this week!  Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.


Thanks for reading!  We’d love to have your feedback either in the comment area below, or in our discussion forum.  You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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