February 28, 2024

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 9 Ep 12 ~ Changes to the Charlies

25 November 2022

Brant & Jim corner Ardwulf into answering a bunch of questions about the changes to the Charles S Roberts Awards, and the crew also pontificate on awards and industry recognition as a whole.  Yes, this one’s running a little late; you’ve been sleeping off turkey dinner anyway.

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What categories?  How to split them?  How to combine them?  How to rewrite the charter for the CSRs?  How to decide where games fall on the Revolutionary Calendar?  What to do with miniatures rules?  What goes in the “Narnia” category?  Does Ty Bomba even listen to Mentioned in Dispatches?1  What about all those other awards?  What [i]is[/i] “The Process” that Gary keeps referring to?  Enjoy our penultimate episode of season 9, as you relax off your Thanksgiving leftovers.

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"Mentioned In Dispatches" with the Armchair Dragoons
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 9 Ep 12 ~ Changes to the Charlies


  1. well, not after [i]this[/i] one

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3 thoughts on “Mentioned in Dispatches Season 9 Ep 12 ~ Changes to the Charlies

  1. Been awhile now, but the Geryk “unleashed” segment gave me quite the double-take when I first heard it: like a freakish tornado on an otherwise clear blue day. Woah. My sense over the years listening/watching is they’re both pretty good guys, so I would have opted for neutrality in that dust-up.

    Forming up the perfect category definitions for the Charlies won’t be an easy thing. There’s always going to be that stray game on occasion that doesn’t fit neatly into some particular category or other, which will require the occasional exception be granted.

    Not that anybody’s asking, but I would limit any “modern conflicts” (real or hypothetical) to the last 30 years: tech is changing so rapidly (just ask your iPhone), that it feels out of place for conflicts like Korea or Vietnam to be lumped is as modern conflict anymore. I’m guessing that a less-is-more attitude will be the prevailing wind with the CSR board with regard to categories, but maybe they do a 20th-century conflicts category to include anything not WW2, which has to have its own subcategory by virtue of sheer volume of material on that conflict.

    Tough call getting that all hashed out. Good luck to them!

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