April 14, 2024

Unassembled Bag of Parts – Season 7 Ep 9 – The Charlies

12 November 2021 ~

“Guys yell at CSR-shaped clouds”, wherein three cranky dudes hold court on the administration & execution of the 20201 Charles S Roberts Awards.  We go through literally every category – even the dumb ones – and give you some unvarnished opinions on what won, what should’ve won, what should’ve been nominated, and where it got screwed up.

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We talk about how much the CSR’s improved from last year (or not) and what we’d like to see fixed going forward.  We also do most of it without the aid of adult beverages, although we’re not likely to make that mistake again.
And it was upon further review during editing that Brant realized that when he said “Shaw and Heilman” that Jim & Gary were hearing “Shawn Heilman” which is not at all what was intended.

Rather than include the entire list of CSR nominees & winners here, we’re linking you to the thread in our forums where we discuss the CSRs, which includes the complete list, as released by the CSR committee, kind of (we cribbed it from the video)

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Unassembled Bag of Parts - Season 7 Ep 9 - The Charlies


  1. the awards given in 2021 for things that were released in 2020, supposedly

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7 thoughts on “Unassembled Bag of Parts – Season 7 Ep 9 – The Charlies

  1. Please share your definition of a wargame, then I will have more respect for you opinions are the Charlies.

  2. Despite my obvious pleasure at winning the CSR award for my article, I have to agree with the sentiment that it didn’t belong as a nominee given the category as labeled. The category was for an individual historical article or scenario analysis. My article was actually titled: “Wargaming in Professional Military Education: Challenges and Solutions.” It’s not a historical article. It’s not a scenario analysis. And, yes, as pointed out it was in a military journal, not a commercial hobby wargaming periodical. So I myself am probably even more mystified! The editorial staff at the JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MILITARY STUDIES did the layout–and it’s an academic publication very few will ever read, mostly professors at Marine Corps University. That might explain a few things!

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