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Armchair Dragoons PAO, 9 October 2023

Yes, it’s hiding in plain sight (or site, if you prefer) –

We’ve got a fairly robust discussion area on our site for a wide variety of wargaming (and other) discussions.  Whether you’re a digital gaming fan, a minis junkie, or a cardboard chit-kicker, we’ve got some discussions for you.

Our wargaming section covers a variety of ground

  • The Intel Dump, which (1) needs a better name, but more importantly (2) gives you the lowdown on sales, specials, podcasts, and a big-picture look at the wargaming world
  • The era-specific wargaming threads are grouped into 3 broad historical categories, plus a few specialty ones
    • Pre-Gunpowder: All your sticks, stones, spears, swords & saddles, up to the end of the Renaissance.
    • Age of Gunpowder: From the first matchlocks to motorized warfare, roughly 1650 – 1900 or so
    • The Modern Era: From the internal combustion engine until to the present day and near future, basically the 20th century to now
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy Wargaming: Orcs & elves, off-planet, sharks with laser beams, skeleton crews on interstellar navies, and whatever crazy ideas you run with (but not RPGs, which have their own separate area)
    • 4X Gaming: Exploring & Expanding and plenty of Dragoons to game with
    • Professional Wargaming: The art & science of wargaming and design for professional military purposes, including training, testing, and analysis
    • Conventions, Clubs, and Events: You can probably figure this out without a lot of help, huh?
  • We’ve got a section specifically for organizing online and forum-based play
  • We are also the online forum location for the Deitz Foundation forums, including discussions of their Littoral Commander series of wargames, as well as their other historical games

There’s other parts of our forum, too!

  • We do talk about other gaming: RPGs & Adventure Gaming, Console & Mobile Gaming, and the Arts & Crafts of gaming (usually around minis), plus game design & creation
  • Our reference desk includes discussions of organizations & equipment, tall tales of history, and other research
  • Finally, we have an area that you won’t see until you’re registered and have a few posts under your belt.  It’s an area for general discussions including sports, movies & music, food & drink, and other more general conversations.  We intentionally gated this area such that you can’t get to it without building up your post count in the gaming & history areas first, so that we keep the focus on gaming discussions as a priority, rather than attracting drive-by participants that aren’t there to talk about gaming first

So you’ve got a couple hundred other like-minded gamers where you can jump into discussions of specific games, game eras, your favorite mechanics, or your favorite battles.  We open threads for every article – which means that #UnboxingDay can be a little busy – and you can discuss them in the forum just as easily as the front page.

Jump in and join the chatter!  If you can’t find a topic you want to weigh in on, you’re probably not looking hard enough 🤠. But if you still don’t see one after looking, just start it yourself.

The forum was one of the first things we set up when we mustered the Armchair Dragoons into service, and they’ve been a key part of our online community for over 5 years.


Thank you for visiting The Armchair Dragoons and mounting up with the Regiment of Strategy Gaming.
You can find our regiment’s social media on MastodonFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Threads, if we could ever get an auto-post to it.
(We have an Instagram page and it’s really just a placeholder & redirect to our articles.)
You can support The Armchair Dragoons through our Patreon, also, and find us at a variety of conventions and other events.
Feel free to talk back to us either in our discussion forum, or in the comments below.

In gaming halls where grognards debate,
They argue about what’s deemed first-rate.
“True wargame!” they declare,
With a passionate glare,
Their opinions, they’ll never abate.
Some seek hexes and counters galore,
Claiming purism, nothing they’ll ignore.
Yet the heart of the matter,
Is the fun we all gather,
So let’s play and enjoy, let’s explore!

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