March 4, 2024

Armchair Empire – A Shadow Empire AAR, Ep 4

Here comes the war!

UnderCoverGeek, 3 June 2020



A policy speech is called for, 2 choices will boost our education, the other enforcement. I have already started a light industry project so that we can get more work done, so the ‘industry assets’ speech seems the best choice as it will be complete when the light industry finishes




Our enemy to be Aconio offer to sell us some slaves – morality wise i dont know if this is an offer to buy slaves and join the ‘slaver’ mind set, or we buy the slaves in order to emancipate them – either way we cant afford the cost, our commerce score takes a hit and the new economic director has a heart attack…



…and this is why, he’s a strong follower of any commerce options and because the decision was anti-commerce he’s sulking




and Aconio invades – it’s on – I’m going to struggle with the supplies but we’ll see how it goes




Ok, on the left of the screen are our resources – food, down to hi-tech items. 5th one down is metal, as can be seen we have 14 with a need for 183 to complete the light industry project. We’re struggling without a natural supply and this is crippling the speed of the project that should have been only 2 turns but is now on its 7th. 2nd up from the bottom is machinery, usually a project only takes one or two so we sell the excess to pay for the purchase of more metal. We’re also short on food, without which the soldiers in the field will starve and start to lose numbers – as soon as light industry is done we need to build an agri dome.




Our forces move to the East, this will be a combination of the militia and one regiment, whilst the other stays in the South to expand our borders there




Expanding in the South, we almost accidentally come across a minor regime’s capital. It’s undefended and we march in, the AI now has one turn to take it back but there are no units in sight – we should expand here next turn




and its done without bloodshed, it’s a loooooong way from home and supplies arent reaching here – it doesnt automatically become a new supply centre. Our choices are to make this a new region, with a new HQ drawing in its own supplies or have it as a border town and increase the supply situation. We leave it for now with the intention of increasing the supplies – the supply game is probably the most complicated part of the game – the opening situation is that the control of the supplies is in the hands of the private sector, the number of supplies available can be more than quadrupled by making the network public but it costs 1500 credits and we’re nowhere near that – once that happens well come back to the suppy problem




We’re given the option to start the next directorate – the model design council – these guys will be responsible for designing and researching new military tech. We dont have a good fit right now so hit the strategy cards again….. and come up with this genius, he’s perfect – good intelligence, good war and good capability level which means he can advance and improve



This is the East now – the southern area is been handled by the militia as its mostly guard duty making sure that other regime with the sentinels behaves itself, and in the North breakthoughs have been made now that the tanks have arrived from the far South – their inclusion is pushing the victory odds from around 3:1 to 35:1. I need to look it up because my strategy here is to find their capital and take it but it doesnt seem like they have one – i’m wondering if slavers are nomadic and dont actually have a home city and its a case of taking their land, we’ll see


plenty more to come in this Armchair Empire saga >>

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