March 4, 2024

Tuesday Newsday – 2 June 2020

Yep, it’s #TuesdayNewsday and here come this week’s wargaming updates  >>>

This Week’s Headline:

The Charlies are extending their voting deadline to 15 June.  Still not sure they’re going to fill the niche that wargaming needs for a ‘prestige’ award, but it’s better than the current alternatives.



Newly Released This Week:

Newly Launched This Week:

  • Kickstarter is awash these days with campaigns for .stl files for 3D printers.  Most are kind of lame.  These are kind of cool, if you’ve got a fantasy game you want to liven up with something different.
  • Ventonuovo has sent out promo emails about their upcoming Black Swan game on Kickstarter, but the campaign hasn’t officially launched yet.


New from the Dragoons:


News From The Wargame Industry:

  • Decision Games has a folio bundle on sale, with 5 games for $99.
  • Columbia Games has some giant neoprene maps for some of their more popular games, but stock is running low on a few of them.
  • GMT is still packing, and not yet shipping, their “Batch 1” of p500 orders, but some playtester/developer copies of games have gone out and pics are starting to appear online.
  • Pacific Rim / Just Plain Wargames has Wellington’s War on sale this month for $75; block wargame of the campaigns in Spain.
  • Against The Odds Magazine has a buy-2-get-1 sale going through the month of June.
  • The Free RPG Day bundles have been announced: Starfinder, Pathfinder, Kids on Bikes, Keyforge, the Root RPG (wait, wha?…  there’s a Root RPG?!), and others.


The Professional Wargaming World:


Something From Our Partners:

  • Dan interviews Dr Cody Carlson
  • Ardwulf has a multipart video of the campaign game of A Hot Dry Season from Patrick Mullen – part 1 & part 2


This Week’s Mashup:

An oldie but a goodie…. here’s Snoop + GNR


That’s all for this week!
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