May 22, 2024

Kriegsmarine AAR ~ The Battle of the Barents Sea – Part 2

Peter Robbins, 21 July 2022

In part 1, we found a possible target-rich environment.  What is actually out there?

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KM BarentsSea 14

Before I pick an approach, I wanted to know where the rest of their destroyers would show up. It seems like they’ve bunched up to the north of their convoy. So, I turn a bit starboard, picking a southerly approach. I’ll let their repair ships block as much of the enemy destroyer and potential cruiser primary and secondary fire on Admiral Hipper as I can. I’d normally had liked our destroyer line in a place where they could do a torpedo mass attack, but alas, I need to strike while the iron is hot with everything I’ve got against the convoy mass.

KM BarentsSea 16

Turned on the Range Grid, to give us an idea of the distances involved. Each dot is 1000 yds range. We are at about 7500 yards to the nearest convoy ship. The destroyer line is way off from the enemy at this point. I could play it safer and distance myself, fire on them, and then let the destroyers come up and do their deed, but, impatience kicks in as I otherwise do not see an enemy cruiser on hand. Its time to start picking the ducks off the fence. I predict at this point (guess) that my radar would have picked up a larger cruiser by now if it was anywhere immediately near the convoy. I can always divert course later if any larger calibre fire is detected inbound.

KM BarentsSea 17

Boom. One sunk within a couple hits.

KM BarentsSea 18

The enemy convoy is in chaos, you can see them scurrying about under 8” gun fire.

KM BarentsSea 19

The group in the south of the operational area is making flank speed to the action. I use the Speed marker button to then match the speed of the destroyers with the trailing cruiser, as not to get too far ahead and arrive well apart from one another. The speed view is very helpful in arranging and setting speeds for ships throughout a larger formation of squadrons. Also helpful is using the CTRL button while hitting the + or – speed buttons, as that give you more fine adjustment to your ship speeds (will allow for + or – .1 knots per click); for ease of matching between formations as needed.

KM BarentsSea 20

The above shot gives a better idea of how far apart our forces are on the overall area map.

KM BarentsSea 22

Another hit on enemy AK (Repair Ship). I start to move Admiral Hipper around the south of the enemy convoy to have it naturally cover her approach against enemy fire. Then I get in close and start the guns ablazing.

KM BarentsSea 23

More firing on the southern portion of the enemy convoy is seen above.

KM BarentsSea 25

At this point I let a few torps fly as well into the large enemy formation.

KM BarentsSea 26

More enemy AK ships are hit and sunk. At least one or more of my torps find their mark as well, sinking yet more. Its a fireball fest on the horizon.

KM BarentsSea 27

Eventually I get it down to only one AK left and a few destroyers that are left over from our destroyer line make an approach to the immediate area. They start helping take out the destroyers on the periphery of the remaining convoy with concentrated firing. 


How does the battle wind up?  See you in a few days!


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