August 5, 2021

Classic Reviews: Unboxing A Distant Plain

Brant Guillory, 22 November 2018

On #TBT, we bring you the occasional classic article – an older review or analysis piece we wanted to rescue
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This is a pretty hefty box.  It’s a standard footprint, but several inches thick.


The contents of the box.

And there’s a reason for it – this box is loaded: player aids, 2 books, a countersheet, a bag of other markers, and a deck of cards.



The countersheet is full of admin markers.



Four player aid cards lay out the capabilities and specific rules for each faction.



There are also “AI” cards that control the actions of any faction not being controlled by a player.



Other player aids include a map showing where the “random” spaces are on the map, and the sequence of play.



The rulebook is well-illustrated, and provides solid explanations of the components and rules.



Best of all – a tutorial scenario!



Dice and markers are solid and attractive components.



The deck of cards controls the turn-by-turn action in the game.



The detail of the cards clearly lays out the game effects, and are illustrated with photos from the conflict.



The map is no small footprint.  It’s big, and solid.



The map includes a lot of admin charts, tracks, and information around the margins.



And the necessary information is never far away.



The turn sequence is right on the map – and right where it’s most-needed.


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