June 24, 2024

Classic Reviews ~ Unboxing Red Raven’s City of Iron

What’s inside Red Raven’s City of Iron? ~

Brant Guillory, 25 June 2020

Since it’s Thursday, we wanted to include a #TBT unboxing, so what’s inside the box of Red Raven’s city-builder City of Iron?  Let’s take a look!

The box

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The contents

Classic Ryan Laukat artwork, with his trademark dreamscape imagery and softer lines


Full-color rulebooks


The cards for the factions

It’s rare to find a Red Raven game without some interesting characters.


The different city district cards


The rules are well-explained and well-illustrated


Detailed card explanations


The other cards and districts and tokens


Different places you can connect to

Always-inventive names on things from Red Raven Games


Lots of tokens


The playing board to track goods and points


On #TBT, we bring you the occasional classic article – an older review or analysis piece we wanted to rescue

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