April 17, 2024

2024 Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention Events

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 4 January 2024

As we count down to the ACDC1 (12-14 January), here is the initial event listing for the weekend.  There are definitely some events due to get added, once we get the final description info from the GMs / presenters.

Registration is open and tickets are still available for many events.


ACDC Jan 2024 Header


Event NameEvent TypeMax#StartsTime (Mins)Platform
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSGame Session12FRI (12th) 1200180Other (see event info)
People PowerGame Session3FRI (12th) 1600180VASSAL
Seljuk: Byzantium Besieged, 1068-1071Game Session2FRI (12th) 1700120VASSAL
Goose Green by MMPGame Session6FRI (12th) 1800240VASSAL
Night Witches DemoGame Session10FRI (12th) 190060Tabletop Simulator
Squadron Strike: Newton's CradleGame Session3FRI (12th) 1900180ASCBI.net
Valour and Fortitude 2nd editionGame Session2FRI (12th) 1900240Tabletop Simulator
Welcome Happy HourSeminar500FRI (12th) 2000120YouTube
Saturday Morning Wargaming Wakeup!Seminar100SAT (13th) 080090Discord
World at War '85 - Blood & FuryGame Session4SAT (13th) 1000240Tabletop Simulator
200 years of modern wargaming: Kriegsspiel now and thenSeminar100SAT (13th) 110060YouTube
Robotech: Reconstruction - Tournament -Game Session12SAT (13th) 1100360Tabletop Simulator
The Battle of GazalaSeminar100SAT (13th) 120060YouTube
People PowerGame Session3SAT (13th) 1200180VASSAL
Nations & Cannons: Battle of Sullivan's IslandGame Session6SAT (13th) 1200240Roll20
Code: ATLASGame Session5SAT (13th) 1200240Tabletop Simulator
Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud - demoGame Session2SAT (13th) 1300120Tabletop Simulator
Blackhorse Cold War goes hot in 1989Game Session6SAT (13th) 1300240VASSAL
Raid on Aurich demo by Mark WalkerGame Session4SAT (13th) 140060Tabletop Simulator
Order & Opportunity: Making of the Post-Cold War World OrderGame Session12SAT (13th) 140090Discord
Postcards of WarSeminar100SAT (13th) 1400120YouTube
Squadron Strike: Klingons Off The Starboard Bow!Game Session4SAT (13th) 1600240ASCBI.net
Demo of Raider Drop Zone: The Invasion of Planet KrakenGame Session6SAT (13th) 170060Tabletop Simulator
The 2024 ACDC KeynoteSeminar100SAT (13th) 1700120YouTube
Volko Ruhnke's New GameSeminar100SAT (13th) 1900120YouTube
OCS BootcampGame Session4SAT (13th) 1900240VASSAL
Learn to Play the Great Campaigns of the American Civil WarGame Session12SAT (13th) 210090VASSAL
Starfleet Tactical -- Special ACDC Edition!Seminar100SAT (13th) 2100120YouTube
Sunday Morning Wargaming Wakeup!Seminar100SUN (14th) 080090Discord
Escape From ColditzGame Session6SUN (14th) 1000180Tabletop Simulator
Blucher (Napoleonic minis)Game Session2SUN (14th) 1000240Tabletop Simulator
The Battle of InchonSeminar100SUN (14th) 120060YouTube
Nations & Cannons: The Saratoga CampaignGame Session6SUN (14th) 1200240Roll20
Kriegsspiel (200th Anniversary!)Game Session6SUN (14th) 1200240Tabletop Simulator
Code: ATLASGame Session5SUN (14th) 1200240Tabletop Simulator
Atlantic Chase The Kriegsmarine Against the Home Fleet 1939Game Session8SUN (14th) 1300240VASSAL
Gaming the American War for IndependenceSeminar100SUN (14th) 1400120YouTube
Take That Street! - Beta Playtest OpportunityGame Session6SUN (14th) 1400180Tabletop Simulator
Squadron Strike: Romance of the Seven RealmsGame Session3SUN (14th) 1400180ASCBI.net
Closing Happy HourSeminar100SUN (14th) 170090Discord




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