July 17, 2024

HistoriKC Fest 2023

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 14 September 2023

HistoriKCFest was last month, and we’ve received a handful of photos of games in action from folks we know who attended.

Thanks to Bill Simoni, Michael Dunn, James Sterrett, and the History on the Table Podcast folks for sharing some photos

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Games pictured included Founding Fathers, a tournament scenarios for Next War: PolandStationfallTwilight Struggle: Red SeaTanto MontaEutaw Springs in the Battles of the American Revolution series, and a couple of photos of the Baltic Storm game from the Operational Wargaming Series that’s used for military training/professional development

If you were there, let us know what you thought!


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2 thoughts on “HistoriKC Fest 2023

  1. This was my 2nd HistoriKC Fest – it is a great convention!! Approx 70 people (I know Matt would like it be around 80+) who are all very friendly and approachable. This year was a NextWar Poland Tourney (which is now continuing on Vassal) and tons of other wargames and other games played. Evenings are often not war game time – I brought/played StratOMatic Baseball and Classic Soccer. Breakfast and snacks are provided and many BBQ places are nearby. Several designers are usually there (Mitch Land – NextWar, Mike Denson – Last Hundred Yards) so you can get great hands on support. Starts on Thursday and winds down on Sunday. It’s held in a hotel conference room, so no need for a car. I’ll be back next year for sure.

    1. great to hear! Those smaller, more localized conventions can be a ton of fun. We bring the Dragoons to BGF each year, and are starting our own this year, with the first one in October in Raleigh NC

      One of these days, we’re really hoping to get some people out to HistoriKC Fest

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