May 19, 2024

Opening Day at #Origins2021

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 30 September 2021

The exhibit hall was not yet open as everyone was setting up.  Then again, so were the game hall team.  Oh, and us.


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Still, by noon the gamers were filtering in (read: charging like a stampede) and looking for games to play.  The Armchair Dragoons had full games of Tank on Tank and Second World War at Sea for players, plus a quick overview of Tank Duel for a passerby who missed the earlier event time.

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The gaming hall was quite full of interesting tables, and some fun-looking games in action.
Black Gold is a steampunk naval shootout.
There’s a Carentan scenario for minis (Bolt Action rules, perhaps?)
A bunch of games were set up early, to attract passing traffic and potentially entice an additional player or three.
Some of the terrain tables were very well done, especially the hanging one for the airships that were fighting over it.

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The exhibit hall was slowly coming together

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Ardwulf took a wander around, too, but maybe pop some dramamine first.



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2 thoughts on “Opening Day at #Origins2021

  1. Ardwulf was showing a Center for Naval Analyses game–this is FLEET MARINE FORCE (FMF), by Sebastian Bae who is an analyst for CNA, but this game is his production, not CNA’s. He uses it as an educational game for the US Naval Academy, Marine Corps organizations, and Tabletop SImulator sessions that he runs online relatively frequently.

    1. Slight corrections, sir:

      Ardwulf was working out of our wargaming area, but he aside from occasional snarky remarks, he steered clear of the FMF table. The two main people working over FMF were Mark Graves (retired US Army intel NCO and our intel coach for our CPX’s) and Jim Snyder (one of the devs for On Target Sims / Flashpoint Campaigns, among other boardgame dev roles over the years).

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