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The ACDC Events Schedule

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 23 December 2020

The first release of the ACDC events schedule for our January 2021 convention is here, and events start FRI 1/15 at 1800 EST and don’t wrap up until SUN 1/17 with our final Happy Hour at 1700 EST

What does it include?

  • Publishers DGS Games, Academy Games, and The Wargaming Company showing off & teaching their flagship titles
    • DGS Games with Freeblades – fantasy skirmish combat (and the real minis are wicked awesome)
    • Academy Games with Conflict of Heroes – the new France 1940 release
    • The Wargaming Company with Et Sans Résultat – Napoleonic minis
  • 3 different sessions of the Wargame Bootcamp to learn how to use VASSAL / TTS / Discord
    • There’s one each day, so no excuses to not jump into the games
  • Squadron Strike sci-fi combat with Ad Astra Games
  • Designers David Thompson and Ryan Heilmann showcasing their games (By Stealth & Sea, and White Eagle Defiant, respectively)
  • New releases from Nuts! Publishing, and not-yet releases from Ryan Heilmann, and GUWS
  • A bunch of the guys from Lock ‘n Load Publishing with a bunch of events from Lock ‘n Load Publishing
  • OCS Bootcamp with Ardwulf – learn to play OCS!
  • Happy hour with Moe!  Happy hour with Brant & Ardwulf!  Many happy hours of gaming!
  • Seminar presentations with Dana Lombardy (WW1), David Ensteness (Napoleonics), The Georgetown University Wargaming Society, and BuNine member Chris Weuve, among others
  • Plus Napoleonic skirmish battles, tank shootouts, 4X ancients, dogfights in space, interviews with Bruce Maxwell & Brian Train (among others)
  • And the always-epic massive 8-player TTS extravaganzas from the star of Saturday Night Fights, our own Cyrano

This schedule page will be updated as changes come in, as we are able to add games all the way up until 4 January.

Want to volunteer as a GM and join us at the ACDC?  Drop a line to the ACDC staff at dragoonsassembly – at – that-gmail-thingee



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