May 23, 2024

Saturday Night Fights ~ The Battle of Leipzig (X) for “Blucher”

Upon Leipzig’s field of tumultuous strife,
Where valor clashed midst chaos and despair,
Napoleon, once draped in glory’s air,
Found fate’s unyielding hand in his life.

A battlefield, a stage for grand dismay,
As legions clashed with thunderous acclaim,
The dance of war, a cruel and fickle game,
Reduced an emperor to mere dismay.

In chaos, his ambition met its fall,
The Corsican, whose star once brightly gleamed,
Now found his dreams in shadows deemed,
As allies rose, and destiny did call.

Through smoke and cries, a poignant lesson learned,
In Leipzig’s loss, the pages of fate turned.


  • Game system: Sam Mustafa’s Blucher, because we’re not changing rules mid-game
  • Forum Thread:  You do know we have a forum to discuss these things, right?
  • More Info from last week: We asked you
    Which of the following were not represented at the Battle of Leipzig?
    Saxony, Baden, Warsaw, Danehalt, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Westphalia, Naples, Saxony, Württemberg
    The answer? Danehalt


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