February 27, 2024

LNLP’s Point Blank on Kickstarter – #TuesdayNewsday 8/17/21

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This Week’s Headline:

Lock ‘n Load has finally launched the long-awaited Point Blank tactical WW2 card game!

We first saw an early draft of this one in 2016, when LNLP co-located with the Wargame HQ at Origins. It’s the card-game version of their LNLT system, and it’s most-definitely-we-promise-absolutely-not just Up Front with new art.  Gimpy Gamer has been showing the pre-pub version of the game on his channel, and there’s been chatter about it on our forums, too.



Newly Released This Week:


  • Multi-Man Publishing are shipping Panzer’s Last Stand to pre-order customers. Not sure when Gary Gary is getting his, tho, and yes we’re going to run that gag into the ground
  • Some cool new minis for the Armada series, with the “Twilight Kin” faction
  • S&T Press / Decision Games are shipping Modern War #55, with the last of the 7DttR games, Objective Hamburg.
  • There’s a bunch of reprints that go released this week
  • Whenever folks talk about the “eurogame revolution” that made boardgaming a much bigger ‘thing’ during the new millennium, they usually point to Settlers of Catan as the game that launched the movement.  But Bruno Faudetti’s Citadels was just as important, if not quite as popular, and now you can get the new, revised edition of the game from Z-Man Games.


On Sale This Week:

  • Dark City Games is doing a buy-3-get-1 sale, and you can still get free shipping since your purchase is going to get you over that threshold.
  • CSL has 1812 on sale, covering the French invasion of Russia.
  • Paradox has Knights of Pen & Paper on sale at 75% off; most of the DLC is on sale, too
  • S&T’s game-edition magazine sale this week is World at War #74, with an interesting premise for a game.  Munich War looks at a hypothetical start to WW2 in 1938, in which the Allies did not roll over when the Germans, uh, ‘rolled over’ Czechoslovakia.


Newly Launched This Week:


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