April 23, 2024

The ACDC is Coming! (no, really, we promise)– #TuesdayNewsday 12/20/22

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So yeah, the ACDC is less than a month away, and no, we haven’t locked down the schedule yet.  The danger of planning these things leading into the holidays is that sometimes people get to be hard to pin down when you need them for the details!  We’re working on it and hope to have something in the next few days.  Sorry for the delay!














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Consolidated-Calendar-SplashWith the holidays coming up, the conventions we’re tracking are mostly after the new year, so you’ve got some time to plan!





We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • Without question, the lead news for 4x fans this past week was the release of Master of Magic by publisher Slitherine/Matrix and developer Muha Games (trailer).  A remake of the original 1994 classic, this new “MoM” is a largely faithful recreation, but with modern visuals, UI, improved combat system, and AI.
  • Slitherine is also the publisher for this past week’s other major release, the Adepta Sororitas DLC for the excellent Warhammer 40k: Gladius (watch the trailer here).  Birthed once again by the creative minds at Proxy Studios, this DLC adds the popular Sisters of Battle as a new playable faction to the world of Gladius, with their own unique gameplay mechanics, units, buildings, quest-lines, and more.
  • Developer Black Sea Games has released Update 1.0.2, the first post-release patch for Knights of Honor II: Sovereign (you can check out the patch notes here).  This initial patch largely consists of balance work and bug-fixing, along with (hopefully) offering a bit more variety to difficulty levels in terms of diplomacy and warfare.
  • Arcen Games released Update 5.530 for AI War 2.  Alongside addressing a few multiplayer fixes and updating a couple official mods, the patch also fixes a curious bug that was sometimes causing planets to be repeatedly named Malkovich.  (Yes, it is indeed a reference to that one scene in the movie.)  



Stickering aside, one of the greatest strengths of the C&C Napoleonics Series is the wood blocks and uniform art in each of these games.
Sadly, the price of wood blocks has soared in the past 18 months and shows no sign of decreasing meaningfully.
We are committed to the long-term viability of this series, and in the future, the first five volumes will be consolidated into two volumes to cut duplication of blocks in the four army volumes, but also reduce the number of charts, counters, and terrain tiles needed. The same will be done with volumes 6 and 7

  • Also this week

…  one suspects that this will become a podcast episode in the future


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Something completely different!

We’ve got a middle-schooler out there who is trying to raise money for a trip to NYC this Spring, and could use some donations thru Venmo to make it happen.  Even just $3 from enough “someones” will add up to a big help with the trip.  As she notes…

“I need your help, please! I have the opportunity to go on an amazing school trip to NYC in March for the performing arts. We’ll get to attend two Broadway shows, tour the MET, an Apollo Theater Historic tour, have a Broadway acting workshop, see a live taping of the Today show….among so many other activities. I would appreciate any help in getting me to the Big 🍎. Thank you!!”
You can message Brant for the details on this one.
Also, if you’ve got your own worthy cause you want us to highlight, drop Brant a line in our forums on the Discord and we’ll see if we can get it included in a future Tuesday Newsday


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  2. pushed back a week b/c of New Year’s Day

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