April 13, 2024

A Birthday Wish – #TuesdayNewsday 7/26/22

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The editorial director turns 50 today – shares that birthday with Kate Beckinsale, George Bernard Shaw, Mick Jagger, Jason Statham, Carl Jung, Jeremy Piven, Sandra Bullock, and Helen Mirren, but that’s not what’s actually important!

His birthday wish?  Teach someone to play a wargame.  Better if it’s a non-wargamer, but not necessary.  Get a friend, grab a game, and sit down and teach them how to play.  Get a new wargame in front of a new player!
And then pop into our forums, or in the comments down below, and tell us what game you taught someone.

FL(W)GS Spotlight Reboot

A while back we announced that we were going to start a new feature highlighting you local FL(W)GS’s around the US & Canada.  In the process of building the articles for the first few submissions, we realized we left out some important info we needed to collect about the stores (like whether or not they sell used games).
So we’ve relaunched the online form with the couple of new questions, and plan to start rolling out those new listings in the next few weeks as we get your submissions into our system.  If you’d previously submitted the info on a store, go ahead and send it again (we’ll screen out the duplicates) and that way we can capture all the info we’re looking for.
And store owners / managers: it’s still absolutely fine to submit your own stores – this is about building the directory, and it’s absolutely fine to promote yourself





Wow.  Pre-orders for MMP, GMT, LNLP, and Compass all in the same week! Your wallet is probably weeping right now









A walkthru the vendor hall at Historicon





We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • Snapshot Games have released the Complete Edition for Phoenix Point, their turn-based X-COM-style strategy game (see the trailer here).  The Complete Edition includes all DLC’s and content updates, plus includes Steam Workshop support.
  • After several months of near-dormancy, developer Black Sea Games has opened up Knights of Honor II: Sovereign for beta-test applications (link).  They also put out a new dev diary that gives players their first real look at the game’s combat system.
  • Praxis Games have released the 1.4.4 update for Interstellar Space: Genesis (check out the patch notes here).  The patch revamps Space Monsters and their offspring, as well as adding various quality-of-life improvements, balance tweaks, and bug-fixes.  In addition, the game is currently 67% off, in celebration of its 3rd anniversary!
  • Stardock dropped a small update (v1.97) for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, the still-popular RTS/4x(ish) from developer Ironclad Games.  Ithas been noted this latest update has caused MP stability and startup issues for some folks, so the previous version remains available for those players who need to revert.
  • Mohawk Games put out Update #94 for Old World this past week.  The update includes a raft of balance & design tweaks, UI improvements, and bug-fixes.
  • Arcen Games released the 5.502 update for AI War 2.  This is a smaller patch, mostly consisting of a variety of bug-fixes and balance tweaks.





Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


That’s all for this week!
Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.

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2 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish – #TuesdayNewsday 7/26/22

  1. Some comments…

    Sword of Israel has been out for quite a longtime, the ‘playbook’ edition is just a revised version with a different approach to scenarios with the ability to play them in succession in a sort of linked campaigns.

    Warlord games just resell Wargame Illustrated. You should indeed point out to Wargame Illustrated Website!


    1. Sword of Israel is a “re”release but it’s new as a playbook, and that’s what we were referring to….

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