April 20, 2024

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 12 Ep 4 ~ If I Had A Million Dollars

1 March 2024 ~

Inspired by this thread on BGG, our panel tackles the idea of “how would you improve the wargaming hobby if you had $1 million to do it?”  So join Brant, Mike, Rocky, and new voice1 Byron (Jack Nastyface in the forums) as they go as bluesky as they can with some ideas.

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Endowed faculty chairs.  The giant Blue Panther-tron Dr Seuss Grog-Print-O-Matic game printer to bring back old-school out-of-print wargames.  Hire some goddamn editors!  Supported play programs.  Bling out the games!  Can you tie into a much-loved media license to bring in a ready-made audience?

So are we trying to broaden the hobby?  Are we trying to better serve the people already in the hobby?  Are we trying to preserve the existing body of knowledge for future wargamers?  There’s a bunch of courses of action and none of them are necessarily wrong, but all come down to personal preferences.

The Weekly References (Non-Tolstoi-Edition)


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"Mentioned In Dispatches" with the Armchair Dragoons
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 12 Ep 4 ~ If I Had A Million Dollars


  1. thought certainly [i]not[/i] a new member of the community

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One thought on “Mentioned in Dispatches Season 12 Ep 4 ~ If I Had A Million Dollars

  1. Psychiatric evaluations and treatment to the most rabid militarists in this hobby would be money well spent. A million wouldn’t be enough to treat everyone, only the most ill.
    They’re not hard to identify, as they constantly make themselves known in various ways – for example, by always trying to “game” the latest real-world geopolitical events as they occur, or vice-versa, by grossly exaggerating some real-world situation and “gaming” the potential outcomes, which are almost always detrimental to “The West”.
    Then there are others, who have never outgrown their teenage infatuations with Stukas, Tiger tanks, or German helmets. They’ve been around for a long time.
    Still others can be spotted by their use of Ukrainian flag avatars, adopting screen names of German WW2 generals and similar things.
    Many of these attributes often overlap to some degree.

    A lot of sick people in this so-called hobby, who have long ago lost the ability to differentiate between real-world history, real-world politics, and just playing some games with glorified plastic army men.

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