May 18, 2024

Armchair Empire – A Shadow Empire AAR, Ep 3

Parades, slave traders, and bureaucrats all make appearance this week in the Armchair Empire

UnderCoverGeek, 27 May 2020


The militia want a parade. The bonuses for providing one are good bonuses to two advisors and a boost of 10 to militia power in the region. The higher that power is the more likely extra militia units will be created and reinforcements supplied to current ones – we have no control over this.



The fist at the bottom of the screen denotes our militia power = 94. There is no point opting for the +20 bonus, so we choose the +10 option



We get whiff of some rebels in the major regime next door who are willing to rise up if we invade the region. At the moment with a war in the east and south its not feasible – we decline the offer



The economic research council is up and running but sadly our list of directors for the role is woeful. In the strategem section we have the option to draft in a new leader, we play that card…



and get Rico, he’s… ok, better than we had so we place him in that role and he gets to work researching infrastructure and economic buildings for the region



He immidiately comes back like any beauracrat with a list. Where would we like to spend the political points we allocate to economics? Four bars – discovery, research, prospecting and policies. Discovery and research go hand in hand, we can go 50/50 or spread our options – if we throw resources into discovery we get numerous options to choose from and then we can focus our energies on the right option that comes up and switch the sliders – we do that. Prospecting is how likely we are to find resources in our region, water, oil, metal etc. We currently have no natural supply of metal anywhere and are struggling there so this is set to the highest we can afford and then policies will bring up options on how to manage the books with bonuses



It seems a hero has risen in the ranks- these are our choices, it will place a special unit inside the 1st Motorised Light Infantry – it doesnt actually say here what military bonuses the role will provide, only the political bonuses – we choose commando for the enforcement bonus



This is our position at the end of turn 3, the 2 sentinel units out in the east arent actually from the slaver faction we’re having trouble with – and theyre as hard as nails – we’ll leave them be, it occurred to me as I attempt to surround them that they probably dont need supplies – we’ll see what happens. Expansion continues in the south and we’re manning the borders with the major next door



The east closer up – Anconio are slave traders, we find five of them manning their border, with the 3 lighter green units including 2 sentinels been an unknown faction – to the north of the sentinel marked ‘0’ is a triple stack of the slavers – theyve quite a few units. I’m at the limits of my supply range here so we’ll need to build a road out to the newly acquired Salty Baths on the southern coast. Units need supply, supply travels by road, roads cost industrial points, industrial points are created by light industry, light industry is built using metal – you see the dilemma ahead



The roads built – time to take it to the slavers


plenty more to come in this Armchair Empire saga >>

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