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Connections Online is Underway

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 12 April 2021

Connections Online is now underway, and this is the list of events, along with relevant links to the presentations

So sorry that the table runs a bit wider than the content column.

Event NameEvent TypeCORE / ExtendedHost NamesStart DateStart TimeDuration (minutes)Streaming Link
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSSeminar PresentationExtendedKarl Kreder, Tim Porter04/10/211400180(not streamed)
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSSeminar PresentationExtendedKarl Kreder, Tim Porter04/11/211400180(not streamed)
Connections Online 2021 WelcomeKeynote PresentationCOREChris Weuve04/12/21100060https://youtu.be/XlVGNjscJmI
Wargaming for EducationPanel PresentationCOREJames Sterrett, Kristan J Wheaton, Kyleanne Hunter, Sebastian Bae04/12/211100120https://youtu.be/R_cd5A1CfaE
Distributed Wargame Tools & TechniquesPanel PresentationCOREMerle Robinson04/12/211300120https://youtu.be/XsX3xK_XkCg
Practical Design in WargamesKeynote PresentationCOREBrian Train, Mike Markowitz04/12/21150060https://youtu.be/YBao9alTEnQ
Welcome Social & Happy HourSeminar PresentationExtendedChris Weuve04/12/21170090(Conference attendees only; not streamed)
History of WargamingSeminar PresentationExtendedMatt Caffrey04/12/211900120https://youtu.be/0owwVyNu6CY
The Gettysburg Campaign & Insights into Multi-Blind WargameKeynote PresentationCORESean Barnett04/13/21100060https://youtu.be/vD8KcahPBlw
Recent Articles in WargamingPanel PresentationCOREJeremy Sepinsky04/13/211100120https://youtu.be/unzAFJaqsuI
The Georgetown University Wargaming SocietyPanel PresentationCORESebastian Bae04/13/211300120https://youtu.be/VMICXfQ8pwU
Western Approaches Tactical Unit - Analysis & PerspectiveKeynote PresentationCORETom Mouat04/13/21150060https://youtu.be/Ja29-h9ffjY
Across Suez (team wargame)WargameExtendedMarc Monnin, Mike Erickson04/13/211700240(not streamed)
A Falklands/Malvinas Seminar GameSeminar PresentationExtendedPeter Robbins04/13/21(cancelled)120cancelled; sorry!
Squadron Strike Teaching Game (Vector Movement)WargameExtendedKen Burnside04/14/212000240(not streamed)
Family of Connections ConferencesKeynote PresentationCOREMatt Caffrey, Rex Brynen04/14/21100060https://youtu.be/Gfvmvc_V3xk
Distributed Campaigns Over the Long HaulPanel PresentationCOREBrant Guillory04/14/211100120https://youtu.be/JScpmHKXiMY
SISO Distributed Wargame Working GroupPanel PresentationCOREStephen Downes-Martin04/14/211300120https://youtu.be/1z3J9ntHGAE
The Future of Connections OnlineKeynote PresentationCOREChris Weuve04/14/21150060https://youtu.be/SE4O5FF0_vI
Online Integrity: Conflict SensitivityWargameExtendedPaul Howarth04/14/211700120(not streamed)
Men Against Fire: Paddy Griffith's Sandhurst WargameWargameExtendedJim Owczarski04/14/212000180(TBP)
Exploring historical conflict w/ games: a modeling approachSeminar PresentationExtendedXavier Rubio-Campillo04/15/211200120(TBP)
Atlantic ChaseWargameExtendedKarl Kreder04/15/211300180(not streamed)
NSDM Revealed!Seminar PresentationExtendedMerle Robinson04/15/211500120(TBP)
Fog of War and Tabletop SimulatorSeminar PresentationExtendedTim Porter04/15/211600180(not streamed)
1985: Under an Iron SkyWargameExtendedKarl Kreder04/15/211700180(not streamed)
Research for Historical Role Playing GamesSeminar PresentationExtendedByron Salahor04/15/212000120(Discord / attendees only)
How to create game modules in Vassal or Tabletop SimulatorSeminar PresentationExtendedTim Porter04/16/211100120(not streamed)
Online Integrity: Conflict SensitivityWargameExtendedPaul Howarth04/16/211200120(not streamed)
A Nightmare Come True – The “1985” SeriesSeminar PresentationExtendedAnthony Morphet, Fabrizio Vianello04/16/211200120(TBP)
Megagaming in the Hobby EnvironmentSeminar PresentationExtendedMerle Robinson04/16/211500120(TBP)
Across Suez (team wargame)WargameExtendedMarc Monnin, Mike Erickson04/16/211700240(not streamed)
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSSeminar PresentationExtendedKarl Kreder, Tim Porter04/18/211400180(not streamed)
Event schedule as of 4/6/21 0900 EDT.

Core events will be freely broadcast through YouTube
Extended events may be made available afterwards, but are not planned to be broadcast live.


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