June 13, 2024

#TheACDC Finalized Schedule

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 10 January 2022

The finalized schedule is below, and registration is open for The ACDC, 14-16 January 2022.

What did we add when you weren’t looking?  Plenty!

  • The War of the Triple Alliance
  • Four – yes, four! – sessions with the Wargame Bootcamp guys to teach the following
    • Atlantic Chase
    • Hearts & Minds, Vietnam 1965-1975
    • SCS North Africa
    • Horse & Musket
  • Finalized seminar schedule
    • GUWS student design presentations
    • CGSC student design presentations
    • NSDM “how do we design a game” seminar
  • Finalized talk show schedule
    • The Armchair Dragoons keynote address
    • UK “State of Wargaming” roundtable
    • Saturday night open-bar / open-mic / open-chat session

Full convention information and details can be found here

All times are US EST, and the tabletop.events site should adjust to your local time zone when registering for events.

EventTypeMax SeatsStartsMinutesPlatform
Newton's Cradle (Squadron Strike rules)Game Session6January 14 (FRI) at 19:00240ASCIBI
Newton's Cradle (Squadron Strike rules)Game Session6January 15 (SAT) at 19:00240ASCIBI
Romance of the 7 Realm (Squadron Strike rules)Game Session6January 15 (SAT) at 13:00240ASCIBI
OCS BootcampGame Session8January 14 (FRI) at 20:00240VASSAL
Falling SkyGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 18:00240VASSAL
Falling SkyGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 13:00240VASSAL
White Eagle DefiantGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 17:00120VASSAL
Last One StandingGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 12:00120VASSAL
Lanzerath RidgeGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 12:00120Tabletop Simulator
Lanzerath RidgeGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 16:00120Tabletop Simulator
Lock ’n Load Tactical: Heroes of the PacificGame Session2January 14 (FRI) at 13:00180VASSAL
Lock ’n Load Tactical - Heroes of the 'NamGame Session2January 15 (SAT) at 10:00180VASSAL
Lock ’n Load Tactical - Heroes in DefianceGame Session2January 16 (SUN) at 10:00180VASSAL
Shores of TripoliGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 11:00120Rally The Troops
Shores of TripoliGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 11:00120Rally The Troops
Robotech ReconstructionGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 10:00180Tabletop Simulator
Robotech ReconstructionGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 12:00180Tabletop Simulator
Where Eagles Dare ("Strife of Eagles” Kriegsspiel pt 1)Game Session6January 15 (SAT) at 06:00240Discord
Eagles Nest ("Strife of Eagles” Kriegsspiel pt 2)Game Session6January 15 (SAT) at 11:00240Discord
Rebels & Patriots AWI: A Chance EncounterGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 11:00240Tabletop Simulator
Blucher: The Battle of the Mincio RiverGame Session2January 16 (SUN) at 10:00240Tabletop Simulator
Battle Of Quiberon BayGame Session8January 15 (SAT) at 16:00360Discord
Battle of GuadalcanalGame Session12January 16 (SUN) at 10:00360Discord
Eagles Clash ("Strife of Eagles” Kriegsspiel pt 3)Game Session12January 16 (SUN) at 11:00240Discord
Twilight: 2000, Roleplaying in the Future That Never WasGame Session6January 15 (SAT) at 10:00360VTT
Song for WarGame Session4January 14 (FRI) at 20:00240Tabletopia
Song for WarGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 14:00240Tabletopia
Welcome Happy Hour with Moe's Game TableSeminar500January 14 (FRI) at 18:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Robotech ReconstructionSeminar500January 14 (FRI) at 20:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Blue Panther GamesSeminar500January 14 (FRI) at 22:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Song For WarSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 10:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Purple HazeSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 12:0060YouTube
Designer Interview: Global War 1985Seminar500January 15 (SAT) at 13:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Catastrophe Games / Tim DenshamSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 15:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Air & Armor / Bruce MaxwellSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 17:00120YouTube
Happy Hour with Ardwulf's LairSeminar500January 16 (SUN) at 17:00120YouTube
World at War '85 with Lock 'n Load Publishing #1Game Session4January 14 (FRI) at 16:00240Tabletop Simulator
World at War '85 with Lock 'n Load Publishing #2Game Session4January 15 (SAT) at 11:00240Tabletop Simulator
World at War '85 with Lock 'n Load Publishing #3Game Session4January 15 (SAT) at 21:00240Tabletop Simulator
Point Blank - V for Victory (FRI)Game Session4January 14 (FRI) at 18:00180Tabletop Simulator
Point Blank - V for Victory (SAT)Game Session4January 15 (SAT) at 18:00180Tabletop Simulator
Point Blank - V for Victory (SUN)Game Session4January 16 (SUN) at 13:00180Tabletop Simulator
Purple HazeGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 13:00120Tabletop Simulator
Modern Warfare & Wargaming RoundtableSeminar500January 16 (SUN) at 13:00120YouTube
Fleet Marine ForceGame Session6January 15 (SAT) at 12:00240VASSAL
Splendid Failure: Challenges of Reconstruction and DemocracySeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 10:0060YouTube
Judean Hammer (Catastrophe Games)Game Session2January 14 (FRI) at 16:00120Tabletopia
Judean Hammer (Catastrophe Games)Game Session2January 16 (SUN) at 09:00120Tabletopia
NATO: Cold War Goes Hot (play w/ the designer)Game Session4January 16 (SUN) at 08:00300VASSAL
War of the Triple AllianceGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 18:0090Tabletop Simulator
Exploring Competition through Competitive WargamingSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 14:0060YouTube
First Battle of KharkovSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 12:0060YouTube
Competition: AI -- The National Innovation BaseSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 13:0060YouTube
Designer Showcase: Song for War seminarSeminar500January 16 (SUN) at 12:0060YouTube
UK Wargaming Scene 2021/2022Seminar500January 16 (SUN) at 08:00120YouTube
Game Design: Planning the American Revolution NSDMG StyleSeminar500January 16 (SUN) at 10:00120YouTube
The Wargame Bootcamp - Atlantic Chase DemoGame Session10January 14 (FRI) at 13:00240VASSAL
The WarGame Bootcamp - Horse & Musket DemoGame Session10January 15 (SAT) at 13:00240VASSAL
The Wargame Bootcamp Hearts and Minds Vietnam1965 -1975 DemoGame Session10January 16 (SUN) at 14:00240VASSAL
The Wargame Bootcamp Standard Combat Series North AfricaGame Session10January 15 (SAT) at 18:00240VASSAL
Armchair Dragoons KeynoteSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 19:0090YouTube
Tall Tales & An Open Bar – Random Chatter With WargamersSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 21:00180YouTube
Making an Arty Wargame from Scratch:What was I Thinking?Seminar500January 15 (SAT) at 11:0060YouTube


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