May 19, 2024

Global Shipping & Tabletop Gaming – #TuesdayNewsday 8/24/21

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This Week’s Headline:

Our lead article this week is Brant diving into the current global shipping crisis and how it’s affecting tabletop gaming in the large, and wargaming in particular.  There’s been plenty of other discussions of the topic across the broader game industry about the issue, including one from ICv2 that ‘conveniently’ dropped the same day as ours.

While the issues of transport times, wait times, storage costs, and overall freight space shortages are affecting everyone, one very eye-opening point brought up by several publishers we queried was the complete and utter lack of sufficient US-based production infrastructure for the level of quality needed to meet current market expectations.

There’s plenty more at the article on our site, and the follow-up appearance by Brant on Ardwulf’s counter clipping show.


Newly Released This Week:

  • Avalanche Press has released PanzerGrenadier: Black Panthers, an expansion to their Elsenborn Ridge game that focuses on the 761st Tank Battalion in WW2.  In addition to the game, there’s a trove of great background material, both the history of the unit and the development of the game, on Avalanche’s site, all linked to the game’s page. There’s also a package deal to save a few quid on both Black Panthers and Elsenborn Ridge together.
  • Steve Jackson has re-released Munchkin Princesses for all your back-stabbing, double-crossing, high-heels-and-dress-wearing princesses in your life.  And there’s the conveniently-timed Munchkin Dragons expansion getting a reprint, too.  No word if there’s a “Donkey” card or a green Scottish ogre in there somewhere.
  • PSC Ltd has restocked a bunch of their 15mm WW2 minis – US infantry, Paras, German trucks, and more.
  • Alternative Armies is bringing back the “Erin” line of Celtic-inspired minis, including some sculpts that haven’t been produced since the 1990s.
  • Order of Battle: WWII from Slitherine is now available on PlayStation


On Sale This Week:


Newly Launched This Week:

Kontact Now – Red Eclipse


This Week With The Armchair Dragoons:


News From The Wargame Industry:

  • Dr Sidran is wondering if we’re going to accidentally create Skynet or The Matrix
  • Battlefront/Flames of War are now dealing with multiple lockdowns, both at their plants in Malaysia and at their studio in New Zealand.  They are suspending ordering so the backlog doesn’t overwhelm everyone when they get back.
  • Modiphius has signed a deal to print the Index Card RPG base game and worldbooks, so it’ll be nicer than the ones from DTRPG.
  • It’s not “new” because it’s been around over a year, but the ASL coffee mug from MMP is just kinda neat and we wanted to tell you about it.
  • This week on Twitter


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The Professional & Practitioner Wargaming World:

Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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