July 17, 2024

Hobby Viewpoints on Professional Wargames – Tuesday Newsday 2/23/21

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There’s an interesting article about a recent wargame in Poland run by their national defense staff, that came out with some dreadful conclusions.  Hell, Poland already fields 3 different MBTs (leftover T72s, second-hand Leos, co-designed K2PL tanks (with the ROKs), and now that article’s author thinks they need to buy M1A2SEP3’s?  Mumblesomethingprofessionalsstudylogistics*somethingorother…

Well, turns out that’s not quite the whole story, as the players in the wargames had a variety of bad operational constraints put on them by the country’s civilian leadership.  It might’ve been intentional, to hamstring the military leadership in an internal power struggle, or it might’ve been unintentional but well-meaning (how often have we seen that?) and based on expected public sentiment (defend forward or defend in depth?).

You need to hit Google Translate to follow-up with this Polish article about the exercises, but it puts a very different spin on everything.  It also shows what happens when every ‘wargame’ is treated as a win/lose proposition, instead of considering that it could be about concept exploration, data collection, rehearsals, or any number of other purposes.

It also shows what happens when people apply a very narrow hobbyist viewpoint to wargames used for professional purposes.  This paradigm was also manifested in a recent Wavell Room article by Sally Davis.  Sally’s focus was on diversity in professional wargaming and along the way she noted that not all wargames are played for win/lose purposes, but the responses to the article clearly demonstrated that there’s no shortage of people out there that can’t separate the differences in practitioner wargame usage from their very narrow conceptions.

We’ve talked about this before, and no doubt will again, but it continues to reiterate the point that while the tools might look similar, and have some crossover utility, the Venn diagram between the pro/hobby wargaming worlds probably doesn’t overlap as much as some think.


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