June 13, 2024

Peter Perla is Taking Over – Tuesday Newsday 1/26/21

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This Week’s Headline:

Dr Perla crosses all sorts of lines in the wargaming world.  He is one of the most well-known practitioners in the defense/national security space, and also a hobby wargamer.  His presentation on the history & development of the original 1820s Kriegsspiel at Connections in 2011 was a master-class in historical operations research before anyone ever heard of the term.  The man literally wrote the book on wargaming.  This week, he’s all over our news dump. TN-Pratzen

  • First, his long-awaited game on the Pratzen Heights at Austerlitz is finally on Kickstarter, being offered by the guys over at Canvas Temple Publishing.  Yes, we finally found a game that’s been in development longer than Orange Crush.
  • Second, Dr Perla will be speaking at tonights GUWS seminar, on Wargaming: The Path from 1940 to 2040.  If there’s anyone you want to hear talk about the development of wargaming from WW2 to today and beyond, it’s him.


Newly Released This Week, and yes, it’s a bunch:


News From The Wargame Industry:


Newly Launched This Week:

  • As we noted at the top, Dr Peter Perla’s new title The Pratzen: Austerlitz, 1805 is now live on Kickstarter
  • Columbia Games launched their Rommel in the Desert Kickstarter and it was topping the charts for growth over the weekend.
  • In the Shadows, covering the French Resistance in WW2, is on GMT Games’ p500
  • Tarawa 1943, a solo game of the USMC landing from Worthington Games
  • The new Savage Company: Machines of War is a 5e/Pathfinder-compatible RPG game/setting that moves into a diesel punk future, and is racking up pre-orders despite having been ‘accidentally’ launched early.
  • Those Who Wander, a 5e-compatible setting with an emphasis on personal backstories and their roles in the characters’ lives.
  • We don’t normally cover .stl-file-focused Kickstarters, except to complain about them, but the new War-Ware one with a ton of modern US Army vehicles is kind of cool.
  • CDG Solo System (as originally pioneered by folks like Stuka Joe) is on p500 from GMT Games
  • Skull d6’s and a cyberskull dice bag from Steve Jackson Games


New from the Dragoons:


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The Professional Wargaming World:


This Week on Six Degrees of Radio:

A look at some great music from the past 40-odd years, with stories about the different songs.


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