December 3, 2023

What’s The Public Face of Your Company? – #TuesdayNewsday 11/15/22

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Wargame publishers – what’s the public face that your website presents to the gaming world?  Are you laser-focused on “here’s our new game” or are you more expansive with the games your show the public?  Do you have articles and news releases alongside games on the front page of your site, or just one or the other?  Are you popping up interstitial windows as soon as someone hits your site (newsletter or sale or some other announcement or action they need to dismiss)?  In short, what are you telling the user is important to you as a publisher based on what you prioritized to present to them when they hit your page?

No, not everyone is going to have a new release every week, or a new pre-order to announce each month.  There might not be ‘news’ about your company – upcoming products, convention appearances, errata, media links, etc – every week, or even every month (although you can create some of these yourself).  But what is on your site?  How current is it?  How relevant and meaningful is it?  Does it tell the audience that you care about your site?

We hit over 80 publisher sites every week, and sometimes more frequently, on top of the news we pick up through social media links, our forums, friends referrals, and other traffic sources.
There are some publishers with a reasonably predictable cycle of content: GMT’s monthly updates, with regular GMT Insider articles throughout the month; Compass Games’ live broadcasts each week; Avalanche Press pushing out daily bite-sized content that often focuses on historical stories behind the games all come to mind.

There are other publishers whose websites, quite frankly, scream “we don’t care” as loud as possible.
If you have news release for a crowdfunding campaign “coming soon” that actually finished over a year ago, the message you’re sending is “we’re not really in business”.
Are you still advertising “Summer sale bundles” in November?
When the same five games, with the same five statuses (in development or pre-order) haven’t moved in 18 months, the audience is left wondering how much development that game actually needed that you felt compelled to push it into the public eye that early in the process.
If two years have come & gone and your website still specifies something is “coming in (month)” and there are legitimately 3 different years as options for when that month might’ve applied, it’s reasonable for a potential new customer who does not frequent your site like we do to wonder “huh, is anyone even home?”
If your site says “Kickstarter coming soon” and the campaign is already underway and hours from (not) meeting its funding goal, why would we think you have the ability to deliver on a product when you can’t be bothered to update the front page of your site telling us about it.  It literally takes 3 minutes to do.

Folks, we all love this hobby, and we’d all love for it to expand.  But when a brand new budding wargamer starts poking around online, are you showing that potential customer a thriving, happening house with activity inside, or an abandoned shell of a shack with 3-year-old faded magazines the front porch?

What’s the message you’re sending to a brand new person who just hit your site for the first time?  Is it the message you intended to send?













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We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • Publisher Sega and developer Amplitude Studios have released Together We Rule, the first major expansion pack for Humankind, their Civilization-style 4x.  (Watch the trailer here.)  Together We Rule focuses on the diplomatic side of the game, along with adding new playable cultures, wonders, and events.
  • Mohawk Games has put out their Update #100 for Old World, their Bronze/Classical-era 4x.  (You can check out the patch notes here.)  While we don’t wish to attach undue importance to milestones associated with large round numbers, it’s still pretty impressive how long and how well the folks at Mohawk have continued to support this game after release.
  • The other ancient-era 4x currently out there, Imperiums: Greek Wars, also received an update this past week.  (Read the patch notes here.)  Notable features include an improved birth rate support mechanism, Mandatory Objectives were implemented in the main game plus the other DLC — it’s no longer exclusive to just Rome vs. Carthage — and numerous improvements (including the optional implementation of terrain color schemes) were made to the map’s visuals making it much easier on the eyes.



  • This week, Avalanche Press has a fun article about Brazilian battle cruisers for their alt-history Second Great War line
  • Osprey Games has jacked up their website layout, making it near-impossible to pick out the latest releases or upcoming pre-orders, even after drilling down into all the categories they didn’t used to use
  • Clint Davey takes a spin thru different wargame combat systems over on Twitter



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  1. Nice editorial on publishers websites. Yes indeed.
    (Now take a look at your orders page at GMT and ask how come it doesn’t show items as shipped that are already sitting on your shelf?)

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