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Charles S Roberts Awards Winners Announced – #TuesdayNewsday 12/27/22

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The winners of the Charlies were announced.

The complete list of winners (all nominees here, too)

  • Best Ancients to Medieval Era Board Wargame
    For wargames set from before Antiquity to the Middle Ages through 1453.
    Rome, Inc., Against the Odds, designer Phillip Jelley
  • Best Early Gunpowder Board Wargame 1453-1793 AD
    For wargames set between 1453 and 1793, explicitly including the Renaissance and Sengoku Jidai.
    Bayonets & Tomahawks, GMT Games, designer Marc Rodrigue
  • Best Late Gunpowder to Pre-World War I Board Wargame, excluding American Civil War and Napoleonic Topics
    For wargames set after 1793, up to World War I , excluding the American Civil War and the Napoleonic Wars involving Napoleon or one of his Marshals.
    Red Flag Over Paris, GMT Games, designer Fred Serval
  • Best Napoleonic Board Wargame
    For wargames set in the Napoleonic Wars era between 1793 and 1815 and involving Napoleon or one of his Marshals.
    Napoleon Invades Spain, Operational Studies Group, designer Kevin Zucker
  • Best American Civil War Board Wargame
    For wargames set during the American Civil War 1861-1865, or dealing with the foundations or aftermath of that conflict.
    Hood Strikes North, Multi-Man Publishing, designers Joseph M. Balkoski, Ed Beach & Chris Withers
  • Best World War I Era Board Wargame
    For wargames set between 1914 and before the Spanish Civil War.
    Decisive Victory 1918: Soissons, Legion Wargames, designers Serge Bettencourt, Tim Gale
  • Best World War II Era Board Wargame
    For wargames set in the period of World War II.
    Atlantic Chase, GMT Games, designer Jeremy White
  • Best Modern Era Board Wargame
    For wargames set after World War II, during the Cold War, or hypothetical conflicts after World War 2.
    NATO: The Cold War Goes Hot, Compass Games, designer Bruce Maxwell
  • Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame
    For wargames set in a science fiction or fantasy setting.
    Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, Leder Games, designer Cole Wehrle
  • Best Solitaire or Cooperative Board Wargame
    For wargames designed to be played by one or more players in a cooperative mode, or with a dedicated solitaire experience.
    Atlantic Chase, GMT Games, designer Jeremy White
  • Best Magazine Board Wargame
    For wargames published or distributed with a wargaming magazine.
    Hannut: France 1940, Decision Games, designer Joe Youst
  • Best Expansion or Supplement for an Existing Board Wargame
    For a supplement to an existing wargame and not a stand-alone game on its own, and which requires the base game.
    Undaunted: Reinforcements, Osprey Games, designers David Thompson & Trevor Benjamin
  • Best Board Wargame Playing Components
    For the graphical, physical presentation and visual interface of a wargame’s playing components and player aids, excepting the map or playing surface, and the rules.
    Atlantic Chase, GMT Games
  • Best Board Wargame Map Graphics
    For the graphical and physical presentation of a wargame’s playing surface or board.
    Bayonets & Tomahawks, GMT Games, map artist Marc Rodrigue
  • Best Board Wargame Rules
    For the complete presentation of a wargame’s rules.
    Atlantic Chase, GMT Games, designer Jeremy White
  • Best Cover Art
    For artwork of a wargame’s front and back exterior packaging.
    Storm Above the Reich, GMT Games, box artists Mark Simonitch & Antonis Karidis
  • Best Computer Wargame
    For wargames played primarily on a computer.
    War in the East 2, Slitherine, Ltd.
  • Best Wargame Magazine
    For a wargame magazine, published regularly, either in print or electronically.
    C3i, RBM Studios
  • Best Individual Historical, Scenario Analysis, or Book
    For a specific article or series of articles analyzing the history within a wargame, interview, or a new scenario for an existing wargame in print or web format.
    Wayne Hansen, “Let’s Play! Devil Boats: PT Boats in the Solomons Overview & Review
  • Best Game Review or Analysis Website, Webcast, or Podcast
    For a wargame review or analysis website, webcast, or podcast. Not for a single episode, but for the outlet as a whole.
    The Player’s Aid (Blog & YouTube)
  • Wargame of the Year
    For the best wargame of the year, excluding reprints and reissues.
    Atlantic Chase, GMT Games, designer Jeremy White
  • James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award
    For the wargame or person that has made the most impact in the past year.
    David Thompson
  • Clausewitz Award Hall of Fame
    For an individual who has made significant contributions to the wargame industry, who has not been previously awarded.
    INDUCTEE: Chad Jensen
  • Charles S. Roberts Best New Designer Award
    For a designer or team of designers whose first or second published wargame design was released during the year.
    Marc Rodrigue


This Week’s Other Headline

The ACDC is even less than a month away, and the first draft of the schedule will be out within 24 hours.
We’ve got some interesting stuff this time around, including a 4-hour Jutland game, an advance look at World at War 85: Blood & Fury, a multi-player Market-Garden scenario, learn-to-play sessions of Great Campaigns of the American Civil War and Blucher, both Fall Blau and Lonely Cairn from Catastrophe Games, Point Blank from LNLP, an extended Krigesspiel game with IKS, and some sessions of the new Twilight:2000 RPG, with more to be locked onto the schedule.

Want to be a GM for us?  Here’s the link to submit your game!



One More Headline

As a part of our continual evolution of Tuesday Newsday, look for some changes to the graphics & organization of the news in 2023.



It’s a slow news week, but there’s still folks releasing new stuff!











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Something completely different!

We’ve got a middle-schooler out there who is trying to raise money for a trip to NYC this Spring, and could use some donations thru Venmo to make it happen.  Even just $3 from enough “someones” will add up to a big help with the trip.  As she notes…

“I need your help, please! I have the opportunity to go on an amazing school trip to NYC in March for the performing arts. We’ll get to attend two Broadway shows, tour the MET, an Apollo Theater Historic tour, have a Broadway acting workshop, see a live taping of the Today show….among so many other activities. I would appreciate any help in getting me to the Big 🍎. Thank you!!”
You can message Brant for the details on this one.
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