May 22, 2024

Origins Countdown Is On – #TuesdayNewsday 5/31/22

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WHQ-O22-VertOur Origins 2022 coverage continues this week, and we’re collecting the links to all-things-O’22 together in a ‘mini-menu’ at the bottom of every article, as well as here:









Slow week here at Dragoon HQ, but going to pick up some with Origins, plus some other articles coming in from our crew





  • Quarterdeck International has a bunch of new games in – the usual one-offs, imports, and other oddities – including Arctic:1941Piacenza – 1746, and Novi 1799, along with some other European imports that are a little tougher to find in the US
  • Read all about the German battleships in Avalanche Press’ Cruel Sea expansion (see “New Releases” above)
  • Catastrophe Games will have demo copies of Stonewall Uprising at their booth at Origins, as they try to hurry to launch the Kickstarter during Pride Month
  • CABS turns 30!








We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • As we noted (with chagrin) on our Twitter feed last week, Leder Games, the publishers behind the award-winning games Oath and Root, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Arcs, their upcoming space 4x boardgame. Arcs’ Kickstarter has been a major success so far, immediately smashing through its initial funding goal, and has gone on to raise ten times that amount within its first week.
  • Praxis Games has released Evolving Empires, the second expansion for Interstellar Space: Genesis, their excellent turn-based space 4x.  They’ve also dropped the free 1.4 update alongside it (read the patch notes here), and have already put out a hotfix as well (patch notes are here).  In addition, both the main game plus the first expansion, Natural Law, are currently on sale at a 67% discount.
  • Stardock released the 1.03 update for Galactic Civilizations IV, the latest entry in their long-running space 4x series.  Along with adding the Alliance victory, the update includes many new Anomaly events, a raft of improvements to both balance and UI, plus numerous bug-fixes.
  • Developer Shiro Games has laid out the Early-Access roadmap for Dune: Spice Wars, their real-time 4x based on author Frank Herbert’s benchmark science-fiction series.  Almost certainly the roadmap’s highlight is the pending addition of multiplayer this summer, along with a fifth (as-yet unnamed) playable faction.
  • Kube Games released three pieces of news yesterday:  1.) The release of Rome vs. Carthage, the third DLC for Imperiums: Greek Wars, their historical 4x set in the Antiquities period, has been pushed back to Q3 2022.  2.) Development has already begun on a fourth DLC for Imperiums.  3.) Planning work has also begun on their next game, and will apparently be set in a period of history rarely covered by previous PC strategy titles.
  • Speaking of games set in the Antiquities period…  People who purchased Old World on the Epic Games Store prior to its release on Steam & GOG were running into an issue where they were not receiving the Heroes of the Aegean DLC for free.  Developer Mohawk Games has since fixed the problem, and anyone who had already purchased the DLC in error has had their account automatically reimbursed.



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