June 14, 2024

Where Are All The New Releases?! – #TuesdayNewsday 8/30/22

Each week, #TuesdayNewsday gives you a quick whiparound of the strategy gaming headlines


Wow…  it’s a light week on new releases?  Did everyone go on holiday for the end of Summer?  Are we about to get bombed on the other side of Labor Day?  Or is this an inevitable slowdown as a result of the global shipping and logistics issues we’ve been discussing since last Summer?

If you’d like to have some input on our #TuesdayNewsday content, we’ve got a thread opened up in our forums to discuss it here

And don’t forget that we’ve got the online form for you to submit your FL(W)GS for our spotlight series.  We’re 2 stores into it, and getting ready to launch our directory page once we publish our 3rd store, too.


and even though we waited until the afternoon to publish this week’s update, someone will still announce a new release within 3 hours…











  • PDX Con is this weekend, in Stockholm Sweden, for all things Paradox
  • DragonCon (Atlanta GA) runs 1-5 September and covers way more than just games
  • StrategiCon: GateWay (Los Angeles CA) runs 2-5 September with plenty of local wargamers
  • Southern Front 2022, Morrisville NC (RTP area) is set for 16-18 September with a focus on minis and a side of tabletop wargames
  • GMT Weekend at the Warehouse, Hanford CA 13-16 October is the middle-of-nowhere event of the Fall
  • If you’re headed to ASLOK in Cleveland, we’ve got a thread to chat about it





We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • There’s not much question that Warhammer III headlines the news this week:  The latest entry from The Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise saw the release of the massive, long-anticipated “Immortal Empires” campaign (beta version), the equally-massive 2.0.0 update (watch this video to get the patch’s highlights), the Champions of Chaos DLC (trailer), and the Blood for the Blood God III DLC — all on the same day.
  • After two months of numerous beta patches, publisher Slitherine and developer Codeforece have released a major update (v1.0.6.4) for Distant Worlds 2, their epic real-time space 4x.  This one is bigger than most, as it includes an engine upgrade, a new Vulkan rendering mode (for improving frame rates), and an entire space station’s worth of improvements to UI, performance, gameplay, AI, and bug-fixes.  (Read the full patch notes here.)
  • Yet another game receiving a major patch is Old World, the historical 4x from developer Mohawk Games and publisher Hooded Horse.  In addition to the usual balance refinements and bug-fixes (of which there are many), this “End of Summer” update also adds a new Dynasty System for Greece in the Heroes of the Aegean DLC campaign, plus adds four new “Learn-By-Playing” scenarios to the main game.  The latter are an especially nice feature, as they provide an alternative to grinding through tutorials (which are not everyone’s cup of tea).
  • We rarely mention mobile games with regard to the 4x genre, but Fate of an Empire – Age of War (trailer) caught our eye.  Recently released on most major Android app stores, the game is currently available for $2.99 (link).  There is a free, ad-supported version available as well (link).
  • Arcen Games continue their run of putting out regular, weekly patches for AI War 2:  Version 5.508 includes more fixes for multiplayer, along with more updates to some of the official mods (read the full patch notes here).



  • Matrix Games will be taking over the development and publishing of NWS’s Rule The Waves series of games, and they are looking for beta-testers for RTW3; sign up here
  • BGG announces the next “evolution” of their GeekMarket (hint, it’s not evolving forward)
  • S&T Press has their latest “mega-feedback” survey up to ask about upcoming S&T games
  • Avalanche Press has an article about the Hitler Youth and their role in the battles of the late war, as well as the insanities around their recruitment
  • Grognard Sims posted their first news update since their “out of office” alert for back in January, to tell people that . . .  they’ll be out of office for week or so for CSW Expo
  • Another excellent thread from Danni in which she explains the details of her day-to-day work. In this case, she’s showing the way in which they build graphics for reuse, and segment their Amazon storefronts while also unifying the visuals. There are a LOT of wargame companies that could use this level of expertise and inspiration



Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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