June 22, 2024

Just Another Week of Wargaming! – #TuesdayNewsday 9/20/22

Every week, #TuesdayNewsday recons the strategy gaming world to bring you the headlines


October 19th will be a one-day, all-day Connections Online project showcase for professional/practitioner game design.  Each session will run 90-120 minutes and focus on a specific use case of a game designed or adapted to professional military/natsec usage.  The 45-minute presentations with focus on the objectives/purposes, designs, mechanics, execution, and lessons learned from both the prep and conduct of the games.  Audience Q&A will follow the presentation within the balance of time for that session.


  • This event is currently projected to run over 12 hours, as it’ll all be single-threaded (ie, no sessions overlapping with each other)
  • Registration opens this week
  • Sessions will be broadcast through YouTube live for registered participants to interact with the presenters
  • Sessions will be made public for viewing after the completion of the showcase and an editorial review by the staff
Confirmed Presentations

  • Brian Train’s urban Kriegspiel for the 40th ID Urban Warfare Planners’ Course
  • GUWS member Matt Kirchman on A Splendid Failure (Reconstruction in post-ACW US)
  • GUWS member Andrew Olson on the Competition AI wargame design
  • SAMS Student Dan Warner on Decisive Operations and incorporating that into the curriculum there

There are more presenters planned, but not yet hard-&-fast ‘confirmed’ so stay tuned!

The Other Headline

Now that we’re at least 3 stores into our spotlight series, we’ve opened up a new directory page specifically for the stores, that includes links to both the store’s page, and our spotlight article for it and we want your submissions through the online form.
When you send us your entries, please include some photos, even if just outside the store.  One submitter forgot to, and when we contacted the store, they blew us off!



Back of the box of 1914 – Nach Paris from VUCA Sims (from their site)







From Saturday’s Borodino game







We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • Yesterday, Kube Games released Rome vs. Carthage, the third expansion for Imperiums: Greek Wars, their underrated classical-era historical 4x (trailer).  This is the game’s biggest DLC yet, adding a huge new map (centered around the Mediterranean), along with many new playable factions, mechanics, and features.
  • Over a decade after the original title was released, publisher Stardock and developer Ironclad Games have finally announced that Sins of a Solar Empire II is in development (watch the announcement trailer here).  Sins 2 will be an Epic Games exclusive, and is set to enter Early-Access later this autumn, with a full release expected sometime in 2023.
  • Mohawk Games have dropped Update #97 for Old World, their critically-acclaimed antiquities-era historical 4x.  This update includes a number of changes and improvements, most notably to performance and the AI.



  • Per this announcement from GMT Games, they’ve got a customs delay that’s holding up shipping of their latest p500 arrivals; one of their containers was pulled for a random hands-on inspection and they just have to wait for it to get done
  • On their site, Ares Games moved pretty much everything they were planning to ship in September to either October or November
  • Avalanche Press digs into their upcoming Infantry Attacks campaign study, looking at The Winter Battle of Masuria
  • CSL sent out yet another pair of emails explaining why their pre-orders are delayed.  Again.
  • Wargame Design Studio shares a post about walking the ground on the beaches of Normandy, and shows you exactly where on the game map they were



Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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