June 12, 2021

ACDC Badge Sales Now Open

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 1 June 2021


Badge sales for the June ACDC are now open, at the cost of $5/badge.  Ticket Sales for individual events will open later in the evening, as there are still some GMs that owe us some additional information to finalize their events.

The current schedule of events

Event NameEvent TypeHost NamesMax TicketsDayTime (EDT)MinutesPlatform
Operation CorridorSeminarTomislav Čipčić100Friday1300120YouTube
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSSeminarKarl Kreder, Tim Porter12Friday1300180Discord
Moe's Game Table interview designer Stuart TongeSeminarMoe Fitzgerald100Friday1500120YouTube
World At War 85, "The Rhine" Campaign Game - Session 1Game SessionDevin Heinle4Friday1600180Tabletop Simulator
Bayonets & TomahawksGame SessionKarl Kreder4Friday1700180VASSAL
Iron & OakGame SessionAndrew Bucholtz4Friday1700120VASSAL
Conflict of HeroesGame SessionUwe Eickert6Friday1800180Tabletopia
Happy Hour - Welcome to the June ACDCSeminarBrant Guillory, Gary Mengle100Friday1800120YouTube
Last One Standing (pre-pub)Game SessionRyan Heilman4Friday1900120VASSAL
Lock 'n Load TacticalGame SessionStéphane Tanguay4Friday1900180VASSAL
Moe's Game Table interview with designer Bruce MaxwellSeminarMoe Fitzgerald100Friday2000120YouTube
Squadron StrikeGame SessionKen Burnside4Friday2000240ASCIBI
Kriegsspiel!Game SessionMarshall Neal8Saturday900360Discord
Wargaming WakeupSeminarBrant Guillory30Saturday90060Discord
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War BootcampGame SessionPatrick Pence4Saturday1000180VASSAL
Space 1889!SeminarRobert Mosher100Saturday1000120YouTube
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSSeminarKarl Kreder, Tim Porter12Saturday1100180Discord
Shores of TripoliGame SessionKevin Bertram4Saturday1200120VASSAL
Brotherhood & Unity demo & historical backgroundSeminarTomislav Čipčić12Saturday1300240Discord
What a Tanker!Game SessionJim Owczarski8Saturday1300240Tabletop Simulator
White Eagle DefiantGame SessionDave Shaw, Ryan Heilman4Saturday1300120VASSAL
Forts at the Forks of the OhioSeminarJim Werbaneth1000Saturday140060YouTube
Lock 'n Load TacticalGame SessionStéphane Tanguay4Saturday1500180VASSAL
Inaugural Wargame Art Design Contest Award ShowSeminarBrant Guillory100Saturday1600120YouTube
La Belle EpoqueGame SessionTim Porter4Saturday1600180VASSAL
Squadron StrikeGame SessionKen Burnside4Saturday1600240ASCIBI
Ardwulf's Lair interview with Dark City GamesSeminarGary Mengle100Saturday1800120YouTube
Deadly WoodsGame SessionKarl Kreder4Saturday1800180VASSAL
Hands in the SeaGame SessionAndrew Bucholtz4Saturday1800120VASSAL
World At War 85, "The Rhine" Campaign Game - Session 2Game SessionDevin Heinle4Saturday1900180Tabletop Simulator
Waterloo! (Lasalle 2 rules)Game SessionJim Owczarski6Saturday1900240Tabletop Simulator
Moe's Game Table interview with Lock 'n Load PublishingSeminarMoe Fitzgerald100Saturday2100120YouTube
Wargaming WakeupSeminarBrant Guillory30Sunday90060Discord
Lock 'n Load TacticalGame SessionStéphane Tanguay4Sunday1000180VASSAL
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War BootcampGame SessionPatrick Pence4Sunday1100180VASSAL
Starship Troopers: What's All the Fuss?SeminarChris Weuve100Sunday110090YouTube
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSSeminarKarl Kreder, Tim Porter12Sunday1100180Discord
Brave Little BelgiumGame SessionDave Shaw, Ryan Heilman4Sunday1200120VASSAL
Global Hotspots update with NSDMSeminarMerle Robinson100Sunday1300120YouTube
Rebel Raiders on the High SeasGame SessionAndrew Bucholtz4Sunday1300120VASSAL
Conflict of HeroesGame SessionUwe Eickert6Sunday1400180Tabletopia
Napoleon 1807 (starts at 1430 EDT)Game SessionKarl Kreder4Sunday1400180VASSAL
World At War 85, "The Rhine" Campaign Game - Session 3Game SessionDevin Heinle4Sunday1400180Tabletop Simulator
Shores of TripoliGame SessionKevin Bertram4Sunday1500120VASSAL
Happy Hour - Wrapping Up the June ACDCSeminarBrant Guillory, Moe Fitzgerald100Sunday1700120YouTube
Almost a MiracleGame SessionKarl Kreder4Sunday1800180VASSAL

Details will be announced tomorrow about the first ever Wargame Graphic Design Contest for The ACDC

Also note that this time around, we do have ACDC merchandise for you!  Shirts, mugs, and more are available through our Cafepress affiliate.

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