July 15, 2024

Fall Assembly 2023 ~ The Photos

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 23 October 2023

Lord knows we’ve spilled more than enough digital ink about the Fall Assembly, and then we even gave you a podcast, too!

Well, we took plenty of photos while we were there, too, so you can see what you missed!  Don’t worry, there’s some video later this week, too.

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How it started . . .


World at War ’85, using the upcoming Blood & Fury expansion

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NATO: The Cold War Goes Hot, with Bruce!


#Maneuver_Warfare: The Card Game with designer Ian Brown!

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Struggle for Zorn: The Red Blight with Hermann!


It Never Snows


Triumph & Tragedy

those images aren’t going to  enlarge themselves, y’know


Brief Border Wars


Bayonets & Tomahawks


Littoral Command: Indo-Pacific

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Great Battles of the American Civil War – Death Valley


Oceans of Fire

by know you know you can click images to enlarge


Yet-to-be-named CWGH squadron-level air game over Germany, in the World at War 85 universe


We had plenty of other things going on . . .

We had plenty of other pickup games, whether C&C Ancients or Shores of Tripoli or FAB Bulge, there was other games to be had

The Swap Table was a “take one; leave one” deal, with plenty of people clearing some unwanted games, and taking home some new toys.  It was a last-minute addition to the weekend, but worked out very well

And finally, a random collection of stray photos from the rest of the weekend

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OK, so what did you miss the most? What would you like to see next year? Jealous that you missed it? Relieved that you missed it? Tell us what you think either in the comments below, or in our forum thread


photos by Michael Eckenfels, Ian Brown, Keith Tracton, Brant Guillory, and others

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