April 23, 2024

#TheJuneACDC Video Feeds

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 21 June 2021

What did we play this week at #TheJuneACDC?  Here’s a bunch of video from the weekend to give you a taste of what flashed across the screens before (y)our eyes!


Brant & Gary kick off the show with the welcome Happy Hour


Moe talks with designer Stuart Tonge about 2 Minutes to Midnight


Our buddy Jan from Let’s Play History edited together a video about his time in the Kriegsspiel game in a blindingly fast time.


The guys from IKS got our name wrong (we’re just Dragoons, not generals!) but they also pulled together all SIX HOURS of the primary umpire table to show off the action as it was happening.


GOTY Jim “Cyrano” Owczarski goes back to TFL’s What A Tanker!


Jim Werbaneth talks about Forts At The Forks of the Ohio (basically, “Pittsburgh”)


Moe’s Game Table and Bruce Maxwell Air & Armor Designer Interview


The Graphic Design Contest wrap-up show with Tim Allen and Amabel Holland


Robert Mosher talks about the world of Space 1889


Ardwulf’s Lair interviews George Dew of Dark City Games


One Waterloo Day, our good buddy Cyrano simply must replay the game


Chris Weuve tackles Starship Troopers: What’s the Fuss?


Our friends from the NSDM give us their annual Global Hotspots update, with a full cast of their team pitching in for the briefing


Moe’s back! He’s got David Heath of Lock ‘n Load Publishing in the comfy chair this time


Brant, Gary, and Moe wrap up the show with another Happy Hour on the way out the door.


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