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Wargame HQ at Origins 2023 ~ #TuesdayNewsday 4/11/23

Our #TuesdayNewsday is your essential update for the week’s strategy gaming headlines


Origins Game Fair is 21-25 June and we’ll have plenty of coverage leading up to, and at, the convention.  And it’s taken them a while, but our events are finally loaded into the Origins 2023 event system, where you can register for them once ticketing opens up in a few weeks.

Here’s the extract for our events.  Note that there are 3 Origins War College talks included in this list, since it’s our people giving those talks.  We’ll have the rest of the Origins War College events with the consolidated wargaming event grid coming in a few weeks.  You can see from the listing below that we’ve got a lot of coverage planned leading up to Origins.

There are over 60 events in the grid, so you will have to page through it a few times (or expand the number of rows you’re seeing), but it is also sortable by event title, day, and publisher, as well.

Event #Event NameMaxStartsMinsGame Publisher
3802Salerno '43421-Wednesday at 1500240GMT Games
3844Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)421-Wednesday at 1800120Fort Circle Games
3830Song For War Med Theater421-Wednesday at 1800240Invicta Rex Games
3817Stonewall Uprising422-Thursday at 0900120Catastrophe Games
3796Third World War by Compass Games422-Thursday at 1000240Compass Games
3803Salerno '43422-Thursday at 1000240GMT Games
3829CPX Bootcamp - MTC622-Thursday at 1000120On Target Simulations
3790PicoArmor Panzerblitz622-Thursday at 1100180Avalon Hill / PicoArmor
3819Arabian Struggle322-Thursday at 1100120Catastrophe Games
3845Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)422-Thursday at 1100120Fort Circle Games
3808A Distant Plain (Team COIN)822-Thursday at 1100240GMT Games
3821Zurmat422-Thursday at 1300120Catastrophe Games
3843Halls of Montezuma422-Thursday at 1400120Fort Circle Games
3823Judean Hammer422-Thursday at 1500120Catastrophe Games
3809Plains Indian Wars422-Thursday at 1500120GMT Games
3791PicoArmor Panzerblitz622-Thursday at 1600180Avalon Hill / PicoArmor
3797Third World War by Compass Games422-Thursday at 1600240Compass Games
3785Command Post Exercises (The CPX)1022-Thursday at 1600240On Target Simulations
3836Undaunted– Play w/ The Designer!422-Thursday at 1600120Osprey Publishing
3838Shores of Tripoli422-Thursday at 1700120Fort Circle Games
3825Liberty or Death422-Thursday at 1800180GMT Games
5355Combat Commander422-Thursday at 1800120GMT Games
3831Song For War Med Theater422-Thursday at 1800240Invicta Rex Games
3806Brief Border Wars422-Thursday at 1900120Compass Games
3846Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)422-Thursday at 2000120Fort Circle Games
5356Combat Commander422-Thursday at 2100120GMT Games
3807Brief Border Wars423-Friday at 0800120Compass Games
3815Sadr City423-Friday at 0900120Catastrophe Games
3798Third World War by Compass Games423-Friday at 0900240Compass Games
3788CPX Bootcamp - Gap Crossing623-Friday at 0900120On Target Simulations
3792PicoArmor Panzerblitz623-Friday at 1000180Avalon Hill / PicoArmor
3842Halls of Montezuma423-Friday at 1000120Fort Circle Games
3811Space Empires 4X423-Friday at 1000120GMT Games
3832Song For War Med Theater423-Friday at 1000240Invicta Rex Games
3813True Command423-Friday at 1100120Catastrophe Games
3826Liberty or Death423-Friday at 1100180GMT Games
3820Arabian Struggle323-Friday at 1300120Catastrophe Games
3804Salerno '43423-Friday at 1300240GMT Games
3847Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)423-Friday at 1400120Fort Circle Games
3818Stonewall Uprising423-Friday at 1500120Catastrophe Games
3799Third World War by Compass Games423-Friday at 1500240Compass Games
3835Undaunted– Play w/ The Designer!423-Friday at 1500120Osprey Publishing
3786Command Post Exercises (The CPX)1023-Friday at 1600240On Target Simulations
3839Shores of Tripoli423-Friday at 1800120Fort Circle Games
3833Song For War Med Theater423-Friday at 1800240Invicta Rex Games
3793PicoArmor Panzerblitz623-Friday at 1900180Avalon Hill / PicoArmor
3810Plains Indian Wars423-Friday at 2000120GMT Games
3794PicoArmor Panzerblitz624-Saturday at 0900180Avalon Hill / PicoArmor
3814True Command424-Saturday at 0900120Catastrophe Games
3848Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)424-Saturday at 0900120Fort Circle Games
3805Salerno '43424-Saturday at 0900240GMT Games
3827Liberty or Death424-Saturday at 1000180GMT Games
3834Song For War Med Theater424-Saturday at 1000240Invicta Rex Games
3789CPX Bootcamp - Counter/Recon624-Saturday at 1000120On Target Simulations
3816Sadr City424-Saturday at 1100120Catastrophe Games
3800Third World War by Compass Games424-Saturday at 1200240Compass Games
3824Judean Hammer424-Saturday at 1300120Catastrophe Games
3849Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)424-Saturday at 1300120Fort Circle Games
3787Command Post Exercises (The CPX)1024-Saturday at 1300240On Target Simulations
3837Undaunted– Play w/ The Designer!424-Saturday at 1400120Osprey Publishing
3822Zurmat424-Saturday at 1500120Catastrophe Games
3828Liberty or Death424-Saturday at 1500180GMT Games
3795PicoArmor Panzerblitz624-Saturday at 1600180Avalon Hill / PicoArmor
3841Halls of Montezuma424-Saturday at 1600120Fort Circle Games
3801Third World War by Compass Games424-Saturday at 1800240Compass Games
3840Shores of Tripoli424-Saturday at 1900120Fort Circle Games
3812Space Empires 4X424-Saturday at 1900120GMT Games






Nominations are open at BoardGameGeek for the Golden Geek Awards.  There’s pretty much -ZERO- chance that Mentioned in Dispatches would ever win for Best Podcast but we’d love to crash the party and get a wargaming podcast into the final round of voting.  Can y’all help us out?




Registration is now open for Connections Online 2023, to be held from 17-23 April, with Core events running 18-20 April

ConnexOnline 23 Line

The Connections Online executive committee is pleased to announce the theme of this year’s Connections Online conference: “The Enemy Gets a Vote — Playing Red.” We’ll look at playing Red in wargaming, as well as what various professional communities mean by the term “red teaming.” (Hint: The definitions overlap, more or less, but terms frequently has discipline-specific connotations that may not be entirely obvious.)

Among the events are: What Is Red-Teaming; Red-Teaming Acts of God; Advice for New Practitioners; Gaming & Red-Teaming the Pandemic; the Wargame Bootcamp to learn to use Discord, VASSAL, and TTS; a Littoral Commander demo; a discussion of the state-of-the-art of the hobby wargaming space; and a multi-player Discord-driven Kriegsspiel with the International Kriegsspiel Society, and more

ConnexLine Red


4Newsday-releasedTN montage41123

New games released in the past week that you’ll find interesting

  • Compass Games moved Prelude to Revolution to the “recent releases” column
  • Compass Games also moved Doomsday Project 2: The Balkans to the “recent releases” column
  • Fellowship of Simulations website shows that Napoleon’s Conquests can now be ordered
  • Avalanche Press has the playbook edition of Second World War at Sea: Bismarck available
  • While the US ship date seems to be more “aspirational” than “committed” there are copies of We Are Coming Ninevah appearing around the globe



Crowdfunding or pre-orders ~ if you can pre-order it now, here it is



Stretch your budget a little further with these deals

  • Our buddies at LNLP are catching on, and announcing their big sale on Monday!  Of course, it’s a “blitzkrieg” sale that’ll be wrapping up by the time you read this, but hey…  we tried! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Columbia has a “free”/pay-what-you-want intro-level adventure on DTRPG
  • Giant Close Combat sale from Slitherine over on Steam, including Panthers in the Fog for under $101
  • S&T’s game-edition magazine sale this week is S&T #268 with When Lions Sailed, 17th century naval warfare
  • There are a pair of TTRPG bundles on DTRPG right now, and proceeds from both are going to help Owen KC Stephens with his medical bills from both a pulmonary embolism and a cancer diagnosis2
    • Bundle #1 ~ 5th Ed, Mutants & Masterminds, Pathfinder 1st & 2nd ed, Savage Worlds, Starfinder, and more
    • Bundle #2 ~ ACE, ICONS, Shotguns & Sorcery, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Mutants & Masterminds, Pathfinder 1st & 2nd ed, and more



What were the Dragoons up to this past week?



Don’t forget to check our consolidated event & convention calendar for more!
You can also submit your own events for our calendar here.

As announced on our podcast on 3/31

The Inaugural Armchair Dragoons Fall Assembly 2023
20-22 October 2023
The Gamer’s Armory, Cary NC

Details will be announced after we get back from Buckeye Game Fest, and registration will open this Summer before we head off to Origins, and will be capped around 40 or so attendees.

In partnership with The Gamer’s Armory, we’ve got our first in-person convention coming up in October, where we’ll be taking over about half of the store.  We’ll be playing games in probably the biggest vendor booth you’ll see at a convention, and making plenty of new friends.

Stay tuned for details!

As a reminder, Regimental Patron-level Patreon supporters get a free badge for all Armchair Dragoons-hosted events.


Our fellow content creators from the wargaming world

Use the Polyversal system to play WW2?!



News & notes from the business end of the gaming world

New favorite game rule

I do not intend to close Canvas Temple, however. The 3D printing portion of the business is doing rather well, and has exceeded my expectations. I’m also not closing the door on future publishing, but for now the business model I created for publishing boxed games is taking too long to cycle, and shipping costs rise too quickly and abruptly for those long cycles.


To be sure, I am not closing the door on publishing at some point in the future. I still have a strong interest in some aspects of doing so. But to be honest, I’ve simply not enjoyed that process over the past year. I intend to complete shipping Pratzen and Boer War as quickly as I’m able, and then I’m going to take a break from it. The website will remain open to orders regardless, so long as inventory lasts.



Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.




Something neat from outside the wargaming world we thought was worth sharing



That’s all for this week!
Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.

We appreciate you visiting the Armchair Dragoons and hope that you enjoy our weekly news dumps!
Please leave us your feedback in our discussion forum, or in the comment area below.
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  1. just don’t wait for the review of that one before buying
  2. we’ll say it again: fuck cancer
  3. 3rd Thursday of the month
  4. Open RPG Creative

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  1. I can’t remember if you’ve posted something about it or not, but Draco Ideas recently put out SCOPE Uboot, a quick card and counter game that builds on the system they used in SCOPE Stalingrad. It looks kinda cool to me…

    1. don’t remember it, but we’ve been watching Draco’s page each week for new stuff and hadn’t seen it! 😱

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