June 13, 2024

Origins 2023 Countdown ~ Consolidated Wargame Event Grid

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 24 May 2023

Registration for Origins 2023 is up & running, and to help out our fellow wargamers, we’ve pulled an event extract of wargaming, and wargame-related, events beyond just ours.

To help wargamers planning their schedules, here’s what we’ve identified broadly as the ‘wargame’ events at Origins Game Fair, 21-25 June 2023 in Columbus, Ohio.

A few caveats:

  • There’s always a chance that something else gets added to the schedule (especially the War College) but this extract was pulled based on the events that were released for registration as of 22 May
  • There are multiple pages to this table – it’s over 360 events!
  • This is a mixture of seminars, minis games, some regular tabletop games, some map-&-minis games, and pretty much everything we could try to rope in that’s not just semi-organized “who wants to play something” geeklists
  • These were tagged as “Wargame” or “War College” or were tagged as “Historical” and then we filtered out the RPGs.  There are a few in here that are flagged as “Sci-Fi” or “Strategy” but are still wargame-related, as you’ll see, and then we added the current NSDM events and some others that looked wargame-connected.  When in doubt, we made some judgment calls, but usually to screen in something that might not be a full-fledged ‘wargame’ rather than screen something out that might be of interest
  • We did not provide room locations as many of these are changing, including ours!  So do not get locked into the location listed on the Origins registration site, as there are some definite changes to be made.
  • Event numbers are fixed / good to go.  Those should not be changing at all
  • We did not include descriptions because that would make this table way too big
  • We did not put the Battletech events this year either, because that would’ve doubled the size of the table


Event #Event NameMaxStartsMinsEvent Type
3928Advanced Civilization Teaching Game821-Wednesday at 1200240Board Game
5281Ironclads! Beginners Brawl (New Rules playtest)921-Wednesday at 1200120Miniatures Game
5083Tripods & Triplanes; Martian Rampage1421-Wednesday at 1200120Miniatures Game
5094Wings of Glory WWI; Nieuport 28s vs. Fokker EIV1421-Wednesday at 1200180Miniatures Game
923Endeavor: Age of Sail521-Wednesday at 1300180Board Game
500Root1221-Wednesday at 1300240Board Game
1562Vive Liberte France 1944421-Wednesday at 1300240Miniatures Game
37232 Minutes To Midnight221-Wednesday at 1400420Board Game
5276Firefight Learn to Play621-Wednesday at 1400120Miniatures Game
5282Ironclads! Beginners Brawl (New Rules playtest)921-Wednesday at 1400120Miniatures Game
5824Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1021-Wednesday at 1400180Board Game
646Ogre - the mega game1221-Wednesday at 1400120Miniatures Game
5769Scourging the Hamadar Valley621-Wednesday at 1400240Miniatures Game
4799Wings of Glory WWII: Time to Empty the Sheep’s Pen!1221-Wednesday at 1400180Miniatures Game
5955Zombicide621-Wednesday at 1400120Board Game
3802Armchair Dragoons Presents: Salerno '43421-Wednesday at 1500240Board Game
667Warcry421-Wednesday at 1500120Miniatures Game
4796What a Tanker: Panthers, a Tiger, and an Elephant, Oh My!!1221-Wednesday at 1500240Miniatures Game
5092Wings of Glory WW2: Spanish Civil War action.1421-Wednesday at 1500180Miniatures Game
5095Wings of Glory WWI; Not on My Watch1421-Wednesday at 1500120Miniatures Game
602Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP421-Wednesday at 1600120Miniatures Game
631DropFleet Commander621-Wednesday at 1600120Miniatures Game
647Ogre - the mega game1221-Wednesday at 1600120Miniatures Game
1444Tanks : France 1940821-Wednesday at 1600240Miniatures Game
5956Zombicide621-Wednesday at 1600120Board Game
3932Advanced Civilization Teaching Game821-Wednesday at 1630240Board Game
866Blood Red Skies621-Wednesday at 1700120Miniatures Game
926Endeavor: Age of Sail521-Wednesday at 1700180Board Game
569Kill Team - Learn to Play621-Wednesday at 1700120Miniatures Game
2782STARBLAZERS DANCING IN THE DARK – WITH DESLOK821-Wednesday at 1700240Miniatures Game
3830Armchair Dragoons Presents: Song For War Med Theater421-Wednesday at 1800240Board Game
3844Armchair Dragoons Presents: Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)421-Wednesday at 1800120Board Game
5925BATTLETECH SUCCESSION WARS - The Grand Strategy Board Game521-Wednesday at 1800240Board Game
648Ogre - the mega game1221-Wednesday at 1800120Miniatures Game
5285Raid on Cherbourg harbor (alt history)921-Wednesday at 1800180Miniatures Game
650Rivet Wars: Reloaded621-Wednesday at 1800120Miniatures Game
654Sky Pirates621-Wednesday at 1800120Miniatures Game
1523Vive Liberte France 19441021-Wednesday at 1800240Miniatures Game
5957Spartacus621-Wednesday at 1900300Board Game
1572Steampunk Beatdown621-Wednesday at 1900180Miniatures Game
4791Wings of Glory WWI: Wings of… Gojira?!1421-Wednesday at 1900180Miniatures Game
649Ogre - the mega game1221-Wednesday at 2000120Miniatures Game
3012Twilight:2000 - Strike Force Zulu921-Wednesday at 2000240Roleplaying Game
1556Star Wars: Battle of Hoth1021-Wednesday at 2000180Miniatures Game
3931Advanced Civilization1422-Thursday at 0900480Board Game
3817Armchair Dragoons Presents: Stonewall Uprising422-Thursday at 0900120Board Game
603Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP422-Thursday at 0900120Miniatures Game
625Cruel Seas422-Thursday at 0900120Miniatures Game
927Endeavor: Age of Sail522-Thursday at 0900180Board Game
1571Kill Team - Tournament1622-Thursday at 0900480Miniatures Game
5831Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1022-Thursday at 0900180Board Game
5081Sails of Glory; The Glorious 22nd of June1022-Thursday at 0900180Miniatures Game
655Sky Pirates622-Thursday at 0900120Miniatures Game
1142Steampunk Beatdown622-Thursday at 0900180Miniatures Game
1575Twilight Imperium + Prohecy of Kings522-Thursday at 0900480Board Game
5087Wings of Glory WW2; Schnell Bombers Heading Home.1422-Thursday at 0900180Miniatures Game
5100Wings of Glory WWI; Welcome to Bomber School!1022-Thursday at 090060Miniatures Game
5958AirBaron522-Thursday at 1000180Board Game
1818American Coast Defense3022-Thursday at 1000120Seminar
3829Armchair Dragoons Presents: CPX Bootcamp - MTC622-Thursday at 1000120Board Game
3803Armchair Dragoons Presents: Salerno '43422-Thursday at 1000240Board Game
3796Armchair Dragoons Presents: Third World War by Compass Games422-Thursday at 1000240Board Game
1834Boston Tea Party: Root of Revolution 250th Anniversary3022-Thursday at 1000120Seminar
4776Car Wars: Arena Duel!422-Thursday at 1000240Miniatures Game
632DropFleet Commander622-Thursday at 1000120Miniatures Game
2086Manor of Lies522-Thursday at 1000240Roleplaying Game
5283Ironclads! Beginners Brawl (New Rules playtest)922-Thursday at 1000120Miniatures Game
358Rivet Wars - Eastern Front - Boot Camp622-Thursday at 1000240Miniatures Game
5079Russians on the Rhine July 1945422-Thursday at 1000240Miniatures Game
2783STARBLAZERS THE IDSN VS THE COMET EMPIRE822-Thursday at 1000240Miniatures Game
6060Polyversal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game622-Thursday at 1030180Miniatures Game
3808Armchair Dragoons Presents: A Distant Plain (Team COIN)822-Thursday at 1100240Board Game
3819Armchair Dragoons Presents: Arabian Struggle322-Thursday at 1100120Board Game
3790Armchair Dragoons Presents: PicoArmor Panzerblitz622-Thursday at 1100180Board Game
3845Armchair Dragoons Presents: Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)422-Thursday at 1100120Board Game
1522Vive Liberte France 19441022-Thursday at 1100240Miniatures Game
1833American Revolution (Rebels & Redcoats 1774-1781) SoW#13022-Thursday at 1200120Seminar
501Root1222-Thursday at 1200240Board Game
5461Tankboom!!!: King of the Hill (Short Scenario)822-Thursday at 1200120Miniatures Game
5086Wings of Glory WW2; Eastern Front Breakthough!1422-Thursday at 1200180Miniatures Game
5098Wings of Glory WWI; The Fokker Scourge in the Middle East1222-Thursday at 1200180Miniatures Game
3821Armchair Dragoons Presents: Zurmat422-Thursday at 1300120Board Game
604Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP422-Thursday at 1300120Miniatures Game
884Fastnet Lighthouse Raid 822-Thursday at 1300240Miniatures Game
5277Firefight Learn to Play622-Thursday at 1300120Miniatures Game
886Mission 307822-Thursday at 1300240Miniatures Game
2113Forgotten Fun: Mercenary, Spy, and Private Eyes622-Thursday at 1300180Roleplaying Game
5923Raptors: Cold War Jet Combat422-Thursday at 1300120Miniatures Game
355Rivet Wars - Eastern Front - Battle of Gimy Ridge622-Thursday at 1300240Miniatures Game
4847Sailpower1422-Thursday at 1300180Miniatures Game
656Sky Pirates622-Thursday at 1300120Miniatures Game
1831American Revolution - Worldwide War (1781-1783) SoW#23022-Thursday at 1400120Seminar
3843Armchair Dragoons Presents: Halls of Montezuma422-Thursday at 1400120Board Game
596Battle Field Ops! - Cold War622-Thursday at 1400180Miniatures Game
626Cruel Seas422-Thursday at 1400120Miniatures Game
882Czernov - Debut August 1914822-Thursday at 1400240Miniatures Game
5922Do you want to be a Cowboy?422-Thursday at 1400120Miniatures Game
633DropFleet Commander622-Thursday at 1400120Miniatures Game
5825Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1022-Thursday at 1400180Board Game
1839Nuclear Reactors & War Zones: Fact vs Fiction/Demagoguery.3022-Thursday at 1400120Seminar
5286Raid on Cherbourg harbor (alt history)922-Thursday at 1400180Miniatures Game
5770Scourging the Hamadar Valley622-Thursday at 1400240Miniatures Game
5462Tankboom!!!, Seize the Flag (Medium Scenario)1022-Thursday at 1430180Miniatures Game
3823Armchair Dragoons Presents: Judean Hammer422-Thursday at 1500120Board Game
3809Armchair Dragoons Presents: Plains Indian Wars422-Thursday at 1500120Board Game
5085Wing of Glory WW2; Kamikaze attack!1422-Thursday at 1500180Miniatures Game
5101Wings of Glory WWI; "Rescue the Raiders"1022-Thursday at 1500180Miniatures Game
6061Polyversal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game622-Thursday at 1500180Miniatures Game
1832American Revolution (1775-1783 Land/Naval Strategy) SoW#33022-Thursday at 1600120Seminar
3785Armchair Dragoons Presents: Command Post Exercises (The CPX)1022-Thursday at 1600240Board Game
3791Armchair Dragoons Presents: PicoArmor Panzerblitz622-Thursday at 1600180Board Game
3797Armchair Dragoons Presents: Third World War by Compass Games422-Thursday at 1600240Board Game
3836Armchair Dragoons Presents: Undaunted– Play w/ The Designer!422-Thursday at 1600120Board Game
1823Canadian Coast Defense3022-Thursday at 160060Seminar
5924Raptors: Cold War Jet Combat422-Thursday at 1600120Miniatures Game
5344Russians on the Rhine July 1945422-Thursday at 1600240Miniatures Game
1409Tanks : Sicily 1943822-Thursday at 1600240Miniatures Game
3838Armchair Dragoons Presents: Shores of Tripoli422-Thursday at 1700120Board Game
2784STARBLAZERS DESLOK”S NEW TOYS822-Thursday at 1700240Miniatures Game
4797What a Tanker: A Rude Surprise.1222-Thursday at 1700240Miniatures Game
558Zombicide: Green Horde622-Thursday at 1700240Board Game
1568Aerodrome(R) 1.1: World War I Aerial Combat1022-Thursday at 1800240Miniatures Game
5355Armchair Dragoons Presents: Combat Commander422-Thursday at 1800120Board Game
3825Armchair Dragoons Presents: Liberty or Death422-Thursday at 1800180Board Game
3831Armchair Dragoons Presents: Song For War Med Theater422-Thursday at 1800240Board Game
605Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP422-Thursday at 1800120Miniatures Game
867Blood Red Skies622-Thursday at 1800120Miniatures Game
635DropZone Commander622-Thursday at 1800120Miniatures Game
651Rivet Wars: Reloaded622-Thursday at 1800120Miniatures Game
657Sky Pirates622-Thursday at 1800120Miniatures Game
1560Vive Liberte France 19441022-Thursday at 1800240Miniatures Game
3806Armchair Dragoons Presents: Brief Border Wars422-Thursday at 1900120Board Game
1525Car Wars Arena Duel622-Thursday at 1900240Miniatures Game
5910Congo, Bloody Congo622-Thursday at 1900240Miniatures Game
695Diplomacy Introduction1422-Thursday at 1900240Board Game
323General Glen's WWII Combat622-Thursday at 1900240Miniatures Game
3134Jerusalem422-Thursday at 1900120Board Game
5837Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1022-Thursday at 1900180Board Game
361Rivet Wars - Eastern Front - Swiss Cheese822-Thursday at 1900240Miniatures Game
4850TechCommander822-Thursday at 1900180Miniatures Game
1408Wings of Gloary1222-Thursday at 1900180Miniatures Game
721Zombicide: Stormcrow Mansion Rescue622-Thursday at 1900240Board Game
3846Armchair Dragoons Presents: Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)422-Thursday at 2000120Board Game
3013Twilight:2000 - Strike Force Zulu922-Thursday at 2000240Roleplaying Game
1557Star Wars: Battle of Hoth1022-Thursday at 2000180Miniatures Game
5356Armchair Dragoons Presents: Combat Commander422-Thursday at 2100120Board Game
3440Legacy at Sea322-Thursday at 2100120Board Game
374Advanced Civilization: Thanks for the plague723-Friday at 0800480Board Game
3807Armchair Dragoons Presents: Brief Border Wars423-Friday at 0800120Board Game
322General Glen's Western Showdown623-Friday at 0800240Miniatures Game
3788Armchair Dragoons Presents: CPX Bootcamp - Gap Crossing623-Friday at 0900120Board Game
3815Armchair Dragoons Presents: Sadr City423-Friday at 0900120Board Game
3798Armchair Dragoons Presents: Third World War by Compass Games423-Friday at 0900240Board Game
597Battle Field Ops! - Cold War623-Friday at 0900120Miniatures Game
864Battle of the Coral Nebula823-Friday at 0900240Miniatures Game
606Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP423-Friday at 0900120Miniatures Game
5911Congo, Bloody Congo623-Friday at 0900240Miniatures Game
627Cruel Seas423-Friday at 0900120Miniatures Game
636DropZone Commander Tournament1023-Friday at 0900660Miniatures Game
928Endeavor: Age of Sail523-Friday at 0900180Board Game
883Fastnet Lighthouse Raid 823-Friday at 0900240Miniatures Game
5829Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1023-Friday at 0900180Board Game
1123GI Joe: Training Day623-Friday at 0900240Roleplaying Game
860Twilight 2000: Hit and Run623-Friday at 0900240Roleplaying Game
658Sky Pirates623-Friday at 0900120Miniatures Game
5084Tripods & Triplanes; Earth Fights Back!1423-Friday at 0900180Miniatures Game
1576Twilight Imperium + Prohecy of Kings623-Friday at 0900480Board Game
887Victory at Sea623-Friday at 0900180Miniatures Game
5091Wings of Glory WW2: Raid on New Guinea.1423-Friday at 0900180Miniatures Game
5096Wings of Glory WWI; Raid on Otranto1023-Friday at 0900180Miniatures Game
3811Armchair Dragoons Presents: Space Empires 4X423-Friday at 1000120Board Game
3842Armchair Dragoons Presents: Halls of Montezuma423-Friday at 1000120Board Game
3792Armchair Dragoons Presents: PicoArmor Panzerblitz623-Friday at 1000180Board Game
3832Armchair Dragoons Presents: Song For War Med Theater423-Friday at 1000240Board Game
875Collision at Kalush - July 1941623-Friday at 1000240Miniatures Game
563DropFleet Commander623-Friday at 1000120Miniatures Game
1837Guppies, Whiskies & the Type XXI U-boat3023-Friday at 1000120Seminar
2087Sea of Lies523-Friday at 1000240Roleplaying Game
5284Ironclads! Beginners Brawl (New Rules playtest)923-Friday at 1000120Miniatures Game
573Kill Team - Learn to Play623-Friday at 1000120Miniatures Game
5961Kingmaker423-Friday at 1000180Board Game
359Rivet Wars - Eastern Front - Boot Camp623-Friday at 1000240Miniatures Game
5345Russians on the Rhine July 1945423-Friday at 1000240Miniatures Game
4803Sergeants Miniatures Game: Day of Days!823-Friday at 1000180Miniatures Game
4800What a Tanker: Battle of Armored Wills!1223-Friday at 1000180Miniatures Game
3826Armchair Dragoons Presents: Liberty or Death423-Friday at 1100180Board Game
3813Armchair Dragoons Presents: True Command423-Friday at 1100120Board Game
598Battle Field Ops! - Cold War623-Friday at 1100120Miniatures Game
1821Board Wargames Since 19603023-Friday at 1100120Seminar
5799Cthulhu Wars523-Friday at 1100240Board Game
1564Vive Liberte France 19441023-Friday at 1100240Miniatures Game
5947Battles from The French, Indian and English Colonial Wars823-Friday at 1200240Miniatures Game
1840Sinking of the USS Scorpion (Nuclear Submarine)3023-Friday at 1200120Seminar
5090Wings of Glory WW2: Hit the E-Boats!1423-Friday at 1200180Miniatures Game
5105Wings of Glory WWI; French Bombing Mission1423-Friday at 1200180Miniatures Game
2785STARBLAZER ARMOR - A PLANET FULL OF SAND AND FURY823-Friday at 1230240Miniatures Game
3930Advanced Civilization1423-Friday at 1300480Board Game
3820Armchair Dragoons Presents: Arabian Struggle323-Friday at 1300120Board Game
3804Armchair Dragoons Presents: Salerno '43423-Friday at 1300240Board Game
1820Battle of Drøbak Sound: How Norway Destroyed the Death Star3023-Friday at 130060Seminar
607Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP423-Friday at 1300120Miniatures Game
1481Black Orchestra523-Friday at 1300240Board Game
628Cruel Seas423-Friday at 1300120Miniatures Game
5287Raid on Cherbourg harbor (alt history)923-Friday at 1300180Miniatures Game
356Rivet Wars - Eastern Front - Battle of Gimy Ridge623-Friday at 1300240Miniatures Game
4852Sailpower1423-Friday at 1300180Miniatures Game
659Sky Pirates623-Friday at 1300120Miniatures Game
1118Victory at Sea: Battle of the Denmark Strait423-Friday at 1300120Miniatures Game
1566Aerodrome(R) 1.1: World War I Aerial Combat1023-Friday at 1400240Miniatures Game
3847Armchair Dragoons Presents: Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)423-Friday at 1400120Board Game
865Battle of the Coral Nebula823-Friday at 1400240Miniatures Game
564DropFleet Commander623-Friday at 1400120Miniatures Game
5826Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1023-Friday at 1400180Board Game
1143Steampunk Beatdown623-Friday at 1400180Miniatures Game
1841The Future of Ukraine & Eastern Europe3023-Friday at 1400120Seminar
1842Uses/Misuses of Quantitative Methods to Disrupt Elections3023-Friday at 1400120Seminar
4798What a Tanker: Horror of the Hedgerows!1223-Friday at 1400240Miniatures Game
5962Zombicide523-Friday at 1400240Board Game
720Zombicide: Invader623-Friday at 1400240Board Game
6062Polyversal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game623-Friday at 1400180Miniatures Game
5944Robotech: Reconstruction423-Friday at 1430180Board Game
3818Armchair Dragoons Presents: Stonewall Uprising423-Friday at 1500120Board Game
3799Armchair Dragoons Presents: Third World War by Compass Games423-Friday at 1500240Board Game
3835Armchair Dragoons Presents: Undaunted– Play w/ The Designer!423-Friday at 1500120Board Game
5082Sails of Glory; Running the Shoals1023-Friday at 1500180Miniatures Game
668Warcry423-Friday at 1500120Miniatures Game
5102Wings of Glory WWI; Bomber Mission1423-Friday at 1500180Miniatures Game
3786Armchair Dragoons Presents: Command Post Exercises (The CPX)1023-Friday at 1600240Board Game
1838NATO- Defense, Dangers & Dialogue3023-Friday at 1600120Seminar
5288Raid on Cherbourg harbor (alt history)923-Friday at 1600180Miniatures Game
1119Victory at Sea: War Plan Orange - the battleship royal823-Friday at 1600240Miniatures Game
5346Russians on the Rhine July 1945423-Friday at 1700240Miniatures Game
660Sky Pirates623-Friday at 1700120Miniatures Game
6063Polyversal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game623-Friday at 1700180Miniatures Game
3839Armchair Dragoons Presents: Shores of Tripoli423-Friday at 1800120Board Game
3833Armchair Dragoons Presents: Song For War Med Theater423-Friday at 1800240Board Game
608Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP423-Friday at 1800120Miniatures Game
868Blood Red Skies623-Friday at 1800120Miniatures Game
565DropZone Commander623-Friday at 1800120Miniatures Game
566Europe on the Brink, 1914: The July Crisis2823-Friday at 1800240Roleplaying Game
574Kill Team - Learn to Play623-Friday at 1800120Miniatures Game
652Rivet Wars: Reloaded623-Friday at 1800120Miniatures Game
1565Vive Liberte France 19441023-Friday at 1800240Miniatures Game
3793Armchair Dragoons Presents: PicoArmor Panzerblitz623-Friday at 1900180Board Game
436Diplomacy Tournament1423-Friday at 1900240Board Game
5912Gang Rumble in Columbus623-Friday at 1900240Miniatures Game
5838Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1023-Friday at 1900180Board Game
362Rivet Wars - Eastern Front - Swiss Cheese823-Friday at 1900240Miniatures Game
4851TechCommander823-Friday at 1900180Miniatures Game
4805Wings of Glory WWII: The Battle of Britain1423-Friday at 1900180Miniatures Game
5963Zombicide523-Friday at 1900240Board Game
3810Armchair Dragoons Presents: Plains Indian Wars423-Friday at 2000120Board Game
1554Star Wars: Battle of Endor1023-Friday at 2000180Miniatures Game
3438Legacy at Sea323-Friday at 2100120Board Game
5384OGF Star Wars: Legion Championship3224-Saturday at 0800660Miniatures Game
3929Advanced Civilization1424-Saturday at 0900480Board Game
3794Armchair Dragoons Presents: PicoArmor Panzerblitz624-Saturday at 0900180Board Game
3805Armchair Dragoons Presents: Salerno '43424-Saturday at 0900240Board Game
3814Armchair Dragoons Presents: True Command424-Saturday at 0900120Board Game
3848Armchair Dragoons Presents: Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)424-Saturday at 0900120Board Game
609Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP424-Saturday at 0900120Miniatures Game
624Bolt Action Tournament3224-Saturday at 0900660Miniatures Game
870Charlie Company-Saving Private Bill824-Saturday at 0900240Miniatures Game
629Cruel Seas424-Saturday at 0900120Miniatures Game
1116DropFleet Commander Tournament1624-Saturday at 0900720Miniatures Game
5913Gang Rumble in Columbus624-Saturday at 0900240Miniatures Game
5830Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1024-Saturday at 0900180Board Game
957GI Joe: Baroness's B.U.T.R makes her bitter B.A.T.s. better624-Saturday at 0900240Roleplaying Game
861Twilight 2000: The Prison624-Saturday at 0900240Roleplaying Game
661Sky Pirates624-Saturday at 0900120Miniatures Game
1574Twilight Imperium + Prohecy of Kings524-Saturday at 0900480Board Game
888Victory at Sea624-Saturday at 0900180Miniatures Game
1896Why You Don't Want Realistic Logistics in a Wargame3024-Saturday at 090060Seminar
5088Wings of Glory WW2; Starving the Fox1424-Saturday at 0900180Miniatures Game
5099Wings of Glory WWI; Tigre! Tigre! Tigre!1124-Saturday at 0900180Miniatures Game
5945Robotech: Reconstruction424-Saturday at 0930180Board Game
1830American Civil War- Pickett's Charge. What's so special?3024-Saturday at 1000120Seminar
3789Armchair Dragoons Presents: CPX Bootcamp - Counter/Recon624-Saturday at 1000120Board Game
3827Armchair Dragoons Presents: Liberty or Death424-Saturday at 1000180Board Game
3834Armchair Dragoons Presents: Song For War Med Theater424-Saturday at 1000240Board Game
1819Artillery Operations in Desert Storm3024-Saturday at 100060Seminar
5889Bataille de Cognac, 1743624-Saturday at 1000240Miniatures Game
570Kill Team - Learn to Play624-Saturday at 1000120Miniatures Game
5289Raid on Cherbourg harbor (alt history)924-Saturday at 1000180Miniatures Game
360Rivet Wars - Eastern Front - Boot Camp624-Saturday at 1000240Miniatures Game
559Zombicide: Green Horde1224-Saturday at 1000240Board Game
3816Armchair Dragoons Presents: Sadr City424-Saturday at 1100120Board Game
1559Vive Liberte France 19441024-Saturday at 1100240Miniatures Game
3800Armchair Dragoons Presents: Third World War by Compass Games424-Saturday at 1200240Board Game
5887Battles on the Frontier824-Saturday at 1200120Miniatures Game
368Boardgames and Classroom Inclusivity3024-Saturday at 120060Seminar
1822Bomber Mafia - the Book, the Reality, the Future ?3024-Saturday at 120060Seminar
437Diplomacy Tournament1424-Saturday at 1200240Board Game
5080Sails of Glory; To The Death1024-Saturday at 1200180Miniatures Game
1828Update on the Continuing War in the Ukraine3024-Saturday at 1200120Seminar
5089Wings of Glory WW2; The Day of the Eagles1424-Saturday at 1200180Miniatures Game
3787Armchair Dragoons Presents: Command Post Exercises (The CPX)1024-Saturday at 1300240Board Game
3824Armchair Dragoons Presents: Judean Hammer424-Saturday at 1300120Board Game
3849Armchair Dragoons Presents: Votes for Women(w/ The Designer)424-Saturday at 1300120Board Game
610Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP424-Saturday at 1300120Miniatures Game
630Cruel Seas424-Saturday at 1300120Miniatures Game
2781FIGHTING STEAM “Damn! The Torpedoes!”624-Saturday at 1300240Miniatures Game
2114Forgotten Fun: Mercenary, Spy, and Private Eyes624-Saturday at 1300180Roleplaying Game
357Rivet Wars - Eastern Front - Battle of Gimy Ridge624-Saturday at 1300240Miniatures Game
4848Sailpower1424-Saturday at 1300180Miniatures Game
662Sky Pirates624-Saturday at 1300120Miniatures Game
1151Statomatic baseball tournament2424-Saturday at 1300240Classic Games
1827Toward Minimally Invasive Warfare3024-Saturday at 130060Seminar
1567Aerodrome(R) 1.1: World War I Aerial Combat1024-Saturday at 1400240Miniatures Game
3837Armchair Dragoons Presents: Undaunted– Play w/ The Designer!424-Saturday at 1400120Board Game
600Battle Field Ops! - World War II624-Saturday at 1400120Miniatures Game
1524Car Wars Arena Duel624-Saturday at 1400240Miniatures Game
871Charlie Company-Saving Private Bill824-Saturday at 1400240Miniatures Game
960Intro to Sharp Practice 824-Saturday at 1400120Miniatures Game
572Kill Team - Learn to Play624-Saturday at 1400120Miniatures Game
5827Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1024-Saturday at 1400180Board Game
5946Robotech: Reconstruction424-Saturday at 1400180Board Game
3828Armchair Dragoons Presents: Liberty or Death424-Saturday at 1500180Board Game
3822Armchair Dragoons Presents: Zurmat424-Saturday at 1500120Board Game
5890Bataille de Cognac, 1743624-Saturday at 1500240Miniatures Game
4804Sergeants Miniatures Game: Day of Days!824-Saturday at 1500180Miniatures Game
1826The Unpublished Stories of the Gulf War Order of Battle3024-Saturday at 150060Seminar
669Warcry424-Saturday at 1500120Miniatures Game
5093Wings of Glory WW2: The Graf Zeppelin is in the Atlantic!1424-Saturday at 1500180Miniatures Game
5104Wings of Glory WWI; Fighter Sweep1424-Saturday at 1500180Miniatures Game
3841Armchair Dragoons Presents: Halls of Montezuma424-Saturday at 1600120Board Game
3795Armchair Dragoons Presents: PicoArmor Panzerblitz624-Saturday at 1600180Board Game
601Battle Field Ops! - World War II624-Saturday at 1600120Miniatures Game
4777Car Wars: Arena Duel!424-Saturday at 1600240Miniatures Game
959Intro to Sharp Practice 824-Saturday at 1600120Miniatures Game
1445Tanks : Push Past the Rhine1024-Saturday at 1600240Miniatures Game
6064Polyversal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game624-Saturday at 1600180Miniatures Game
5888Battles on the Frontier824-Saturday at 1700120Miniatures Game
663Sky Pirates624-Saturday at 1700120Miniatures Game
5354What a Tanker: To Attack First!1224-Saturday at 1700240Miniatures Game
3801Armchair Dragoons Presents: Third World War by Compass Games424-Saturday at 1800240Board Game
611Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP424-Saturday at 1800120Miniatures Game
869Blood Red Skies624-Saturday at 1800120Miniatures Game
653Rivet Wars: Reloaded624-Saturday at 1800120Miniatures Game
5966Spartacus624-Saturday at 1800300Board Game
1563Vive Liberte France 19441024-Saturday at 1800240Miniatures Game
3812Armchair Dragoons Presents: Space Empires 4X424-Saturday at 1900120Board Game
3840Armchair Dragoons Presents: Shores of Tripoli424-Saturday at 1900120Board Game
438Diplomacy Tournament1424-Saturday at 1900240Board Game
1386Endeavor: Age of Sail + Age of Expansion524-Saturday at 1900240Board Game
5839Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1024-Saturday at 1900180Board Game
4849TechCommander824-Saturday at 1900180Miniatures Game
2790Wings of Glory WWI; Harry P. Materne III Memorial Tournament2424-Saturday at 1900180Miniatures Game
562Zombicide: Stormcrow Mansion Rescue624-Saturday at 1900240Board Game
6065Polyversal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game624-Saturday at 1900180Miniatures Game
1526Circus Maximus: Glory to the Emperor!1024-Saturday at 1930240Miniatures Game
1555Star Wars: Battle of Endor1024-Saturday at 2000180Miniatures Game
5891The Martian Empire Strikes Back624-Saturday at 2000240Miniatures Game
3439Legacy at Sea324-Saturday at 2100120Board Game
1836Global Hotspots -NSDMG Review3024-Saturday at 2200120Seminar
502Root1225-Sunday at 0800240Board Game
612Beyond the Gates of Antaries - LTP425-Sunday at 0900120Miniatures Game
634DropFleet Commander625-Sunday at 0900120Miniatures Game
5280Firefight Escape425-Sunday at 0900120Miniatures Game
664Sky Pirates625-Sunday at 0900120Miniatures Game
1558Star Wars: Tatooine Podrace625-Sunday at 0900120Miniatures Game
5892The Martian Empire Strikes Back625-Sunday at 0900240Miniatures Game
599Battle Field Ops! - Cold War625-Sunday at 1000120Miniatures Game
4725Freedom: The Underground Railroad425-Sunday at 1000240Board Game
3133History of the World625-Sunday at 1000300Board Game
571Kill Team - Learn to Play625-Sunday at 1000120Miniatures Game
5828Learn to Play Swords&Sails w/ Mercenaries&Privateers Exp.1025-Sunday at 1000240Board Game
670Warcry425-Sunday at 1000120Miniatures Game
4801What a Tanker: Battle of Armored Wills!1225-Sunday at 1000180Miniatures Game
5103Wings of Glory WWI; Dawn Patrol1425-Sunday at 1000120Miniatures Game
4806Wings Of Glory WWII: The Cactus Air Force1425-Sunday at 1000180Miniatures Game
5097Wings of Glory WWI; Right up to the Bloody End.1425-Sunday at 1200120Miniatures Game
6066Polyversal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game625-Sunday at 1200180Miniatures Game


As we’d noted previously, this table does not include any events we plan to run “off the books” that were organized after the submission deadline was passed, or the BGG meetups or Geeklist games.  Additionally, this does not include the inevitable ‘pick-up’ games of ASL or M’44 or other popular wargames that’ll get organized in the Board Room as people check out those games to play.




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