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What’s Your Headline? – #TuesdayNewsday 5/24/22

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  • After two years of being an Epic exclusive, Soren Johnson’s historical 4x Old World has finally been released onto both Steam and GOG this past Thursday, May 19 (trailer).  Those who purchase the game within the first two weeks will also receive the new Heroes of the Aegean DLC for free, as will all those who previously bought the game on Epic.  In addition, developer Mohawk Games added another playable faction, the Hittites, available to both new and existing players (trailer).
  • Also releasing this past Thursday was Threat From Within, the first DLC for Punk Wars, the post-apocalyptic 4x from developer Strategy Forge S.A.  Threat From Within adds two new game modes, additional maps, branching quests & loot, and more.
  • Also *also* on Thursday, the Stellaris developers released the 3.4.3 patch (read the patch notes here), which addresses some of the more immediate issues that cropped up in the previous week’s release of the Overlord DLC and accompanying free “Cepheus” update.  Another larger, more significant patch (3.4.4) is planned in a few weeks’ time, with the developers teasing that it will include a couple automation options that longtime Stellaris players will be very happy to see.
  • The Creative Assembly has put out the 1.2 update for Warhammer III.  Among many other changes & improvements, the update includes numerous improvements to the AI, automatically unlocks mounts for all mounted characters, and adds the first Regiments of Renown pack.  (Read the detailed patch notes here, watch the condensed version here.)
  • Shiro Games has released Community Update #1 for Dune: Spice Wars, their real-time 4x set in Frank Herbert’s world of Arrakis, currently in Steam Early Access.  The update includes a host of new features, balance tweaks, and bug fixes.



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