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Counting Down to Origins 2022 ~ Wargame HQ Spotlight!

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 3 June 2022

We’re almost there.  This time next week, we’ll be in the middle of Origins 2022, and here are some details about our events that should have you salivating at the thought of spending a whole weekend gaming with us

First up – where are we?

Predictably, we are in the main gaming hall again, which is where we’ve been since the wargaming program (re)launched in 2014.  Astoundingly, we are ACTUALLY LABELED AS OURSELVES ON THE LATEST VERSION OF THE MAP that can be found on the Origins site here.  We’re in booth 1508, up against one of the columns.


What’s on our agenda?

The full schedule for our crew is down below, but here are some additional details about each of the events.
Note that rules are taught for every one of our events

Some of our events unique convention experiences, as they’re very hard to replicate during game night with your friends back home, and these have become keystone games that people will plan their entire convention around


The CPX is four hours of intense role-playing wargaming fun where each player is a member of a staff, planning and then fighting a battle.Each CPX participant becomes a staff officer – Commander, Executive Officer, Maneuver, Intelligence, Fires, etc – and is responsible for that part of the battle, taking on a computer opponent (run by our folks) as a cooperative team.
No idea what you are in for?  No worries.  The first hour is spent showing you everything you need to know about the “Military Decision-Making Process” (yes, that’s a thing) and outlining your objective in the game.  You and your fellow staff officers then work together around a large map to develop a plan over the next hour.  The details of the plan are handed over to the computer operators (“pucksters”) who will put them into the computer.  Then, as the computer runs the battle, you monitor results, refine the plan, and cooperate to win the battle.
No plan survives contact with the enemy!  There will be surprises aplenty and play will become intense as you try to achieve your goals.  Playing a wargame solo is easy – playing cooperatively with other people…
The scenarios are a hypothetical Cold-War-goes-hot in Central Europe in the 80s.
Each event is roughly 4 hours, although the evening one sometimes runs a little longer.

THU Noon-4pm (#1604) • FRI 7-11pm (#1608) • SAT 3-7pm (#1605)


WW2 monster-gaming returns to Origins with this multi-map behemoth tracking the Allied assaults on the European continent from 1943-45.  We have six – yes SIX! (6) (VI) – sessions of this one as a “rolling” scenario, which means that each session will pick up where the previous one left off as we play one continuous game all weekend long.

THU 1-5pm (#1675) & 7-11pm (#1669) • FRI 11am-3pm (#1610) & 5pm-9pm (#1671) • SAT 9am-1pm (#1667) & 3pm-7pm (#1668)

A DISTANT PLAIN (Team Counterinsurgency)

Another unique convention experience, we’ve modified GMT’s hit COIN game A Distant Plain and split it onto multiple tables, with players operating either in a diplomatic or military role.  Some wargames are played “double blind” where players can’t see each other in the game until they’re actually in contact.  This game is a “modified blind” in that the diplomatic players cannot see the military map, and vice versa, but all factions are represented on each table.
COIN games traditional involve a heavy does of interpersonal dynamics, but they are ramped up here in the way each faction is split into military and diplomatic players. They have wide latitude to engage with their peers from the other faction and the negotiation and horse-trading is a key feature of this combat-light-but-conflict-heavy game.

WED 6-10pm (#1595) • FRI Noon-4pm (#1674)


Speaking of “double blind” games, this one, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Midway, pits players on completely separate tables trying to find and kill the enemy’s fleet around the island of Midway in the Pacific Ocean in 1942.  Aircraft carriers, search planes, dive bombers, and more are all struggling to control a key geographic location during the Unites States’ early campaigns against the Japanese.

THU Noon-4pm (#1681) • FRI 4-8pm (#1683) • SAT 1-5pm (#1682)


Some of our games are just “throw down the map and let’s play” sorts of games, with a bunch of great events


The “knights of the air” of WW1 chase each other around the skies in this critically-acclaimed hit wargame.  Players pilot their bi-planes through the battle while managing their ammo, fuel, and locations.  No need to wear a leather helmet to play, and unfortunately, Snoopy is not included

THU 6-8pm (#1596) • FRI 12-2pm (#1597)


GMT’s latest hit is this wargame set in Colonial North America as you replay the French & Indian War. Gorgeous components and a very approachable design combine to put an accessible wargame package on your table that gives players an engaging immersion into the history of the conflict.

THU Noon-3pm (#1666) • FRI 5-8pm (#1599) • SAT 2-5pm (#1558)


Ever heard of “The Soccer War”?  Did you know the Chinese invaded Vietnam?  Some of the 20th centuries smaller and more obscure “fun-sized” wars hit the tabletop with this quad game set designed by the incredible Brian Train.

THU 4-6pm (#1602) • SAT 11a-1p (#1601)


This year, we have several publishing partners working with us in our event area, providing their own GMs to teach not only their current games, but some upcoming ones as well


Shores of Tripoli won a variety of awards over the past 2 years and provides an easy-to-learn exploration of one of the oddball conflicts of American history.  The forthcoming Halls of Montezuma takes the same basic game engine, puts a few tweaks on it, and heads to the Mexican-American War.
Designer/Publisher Kevin Bertram will also have a playtest copy of the upcoming Votes for Women along with him.

Shores of Tripoli: WED 6-8pm (#1684) • THU Noon-2pm (#1686) • SAT 4-6pm (#1685)
Halls of Montezuma:  THU 1-3pm (#1678) & 5-7pm (#1677) • SAT Noon-2pm (#1676)


Catastrophe Games are all camped out in the exhibit hall (booth 1235) and designer Tim Densham will be showing off 2 of his designs.  Judean Hammer covers the Jewish revolt against the Romans in the ancient holy lands.  Zurmat is based on Tim’s own experiences downrange while deployed in Afghanistan and deals with counterinsurgency at the tactical level.
Tim will also have demo copies of the forthcoming Stonewall Uprising to show off.

Judean Hammer:  THU 6-8pm (#1680) • SAT 2-4pm (#1679)
Zurmat:  THU 11a-1p (#1693) • FRI Noon-2pm (#1694) • FRI 4-6pm (#1695)


The guys from Invicta Rex games were a surprise hit at last year’s Origins, with their early developmental copy of Song for War, an operational-level wargame of WW2 in the Mediterranean theater of action.  We caught up with them at Buckeye Game Fest for both a game session and an interview.  This one plays fast, looks great, and keeps players on their toes throughout the turn with a unique sequence of events.  Look for it to launch for crowdfunding this Summer.

WED 4-8pm (#1689) • THU 11a-3p (#1690) & 5-9pm (#1687) • FRI 2-6pm (#1688) • SAT 11a-3p (#1691) • SUN 10a-2p (#1692)

We’ve also got a variety of games we’re dragging along that are not official events on the game calendar, but will be in our booth area for any variety of pickup games or other shenanigans

ASSAULT: RED HORIZON ’41 ~ the new game from Assault Games, which they shipped over to us to be able to show off at the booth

BAYONETGAMES’ WARFIGHTER SERIES ~ the original Warfighter game from 2005, and not the card game that stole the name 5 years later, this modern platoon-level wargame incorporates some unique asset rules and should hit the table Friday morning, or whenever else we feel like

ROBOTECH RECONSTRUCTION ~ We’ve interviewed them on both our podcast, and at The ACDC, and they’ll come see us at the Wargame HQ so folks can get a taste of their COIN-inspired asymmetric sci-fi conflict

TRAVELLER ~ If Ardwulf is with us, then Traveller is going to hit the table, so look for that Saturday night.

STONEWALL UPRISING ~ As mentioned above, Catastrophe Games will have this at their vendor booth, and will probably bring it over to our area at some point for people to check out

VOTES FOR WOMEN ~ Also mentioned above, Fort Circle Games are getting close to releasing this one, and Kevin will probably have a few to show off with us when time permits

LITTORAL COMMANDER ~ We had this with us last year, but since the publisher is around this year, we might get it out again


Our Full Event Grid

Song for War8 Jun4:00 PM4240
A Distant Plain (Team COIN)8 Jun6:00 PM8240
Shores of Tripoli8 Jun6:00 PM4120
Europa9 Jun1:00 pm6240
Halls of Montezuma9 Jun1:00 pm4120
Song for War9 Jun11:00 AM4240
Zurmat9 Jun11:00 AM4120
Command Post Exercises9 Jun12:00 PM8240
Second World War at Sea9 Jun12:00 PM8240
Bayonets & Tomahawks9 Jun12:00 pm4180
Shores of Tripoli9 Jun12:00 pm4120
Brief Border Wars9 Jun4:00 pm4120
Song for War9 Jun5:00 pm4240
Halls of Montezuma9 Jun5:00 pm4120
Age of Dogfights9 Jun6:00 pm4120
Judean Hammer9 Jun6:00 pm4120
Europa9 Jun7:00 pm6240
Europa10 Jun11:00 AM6240
A Distant Plain (Team COIN)10 Jun12:00 pm8240
Age of Dogfights10 Jun12:00 pm4120
Zurmat10 Jun12:00 pm4120
Song for War10 Jun2:00 pm4240
Second World War at Sea10 Jun4:00 pm8240
Zurmat10 Jun4:00 pm4120
Europa10 Jun5:00 pm6240
Bayonets & Tomahawks10 Jun5:00 pm4180
Command Post Exercises10 Jun7:00 pm8240
Second World War at Sea11 Jun1:00 PM8240
Song for War11 Jun11:00 AM4240
Brief Border Wars11 Jun11:00 AM4120
Halls of Montezuma11 Jun12:00 PM4120
Bayonets & Tomahawks11 Jun2:00 PM4180
Judean Hammer11 Jun2:00 PM4120
Command Post Exercises11 Jun3:00 PM8240
Europa11 Jun3:00 PM6240
Shores of Tripoli11 Jun4:00 PM4120
Europa11 Jun9:00 AM6240
Song for War12 Jun10:00 am4240




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